Planned Parenthood: Peach vs. Holly (who do you believe?)

Sussex County is being treated to a debate between two millennials.  Speaking for Planned Parenthood we have Peach, a self-described YouTube atheist, who wasn't around 60 years ago but who says she remembers what it was like.  In opposition to Planned Parenthood's harvesting of human body parts we have Holly O'Donnell, who actually used to work at Planned Parenthood clinics and observed firsthand what was done there.

Hi, I'm Peach

...well, I'm not being entirely truthful because my real name is XXX.

And uh, like I'm really pretty and I have a tattoo and this Holly O'Donnell you see providing her first person testimony about Planned Parenthood and its harvesting of human body parts isn't as pretty as I am and so, like, uh, you shouldn't believe her but you should believe me because, like uh, she actually worked at Planned Parenthood as a Procurement Technician and I like work at a deli, but I'm a whole lot smarter than she is because... well, I'm pretty and... look at my tattoo!

Besides, those videos shouldn't have been made because it's illegal to prank people unless its people who should be pranked and Holly isn't pretty enough to decide that but I and maybe some of my friends are.  Besides, uh, those videos don't show anything illegal going on because I'm like knowledgeable and stuff and I know things even though I'm not a lawyer or stuff and not licensed to practice but my opinion is like the same as a judge and stuff.

So believe me, Peach... uh, XXX really, and don't believe Holly, who was actually there and witnessed this firsthand.  Cool?

And then there is Holly...