Corrupt Wall Streeters attack Garrett

The masters of the universe who wrecked our economy, demanded a taxpayer-funded bailout AND their bonuses to fund their profligate lifestyles are now trying to limit free speech.  That's right, Wall Street is punishing any elected official who doesn't get in line with its agenda. 

And what is Wall Street's agenda?

Well, it's two part.  First, Wall Street is pushing what some would call a hedonistic world view best exemplified by Wall Street's own Jeffrey Epstein -- a registered sex offender who lavishly entertains politicians and businessmen on his Caribbean island, his yacht, or his private Boeing 727 -- nicknamed "the Lolita Express."  Although a convicted criminal, Epstein owns the largest private residence in Manhattan and properties in Palm Springs, Paris, and New Mexico (in addition to his private island in the Caribbean).  Epstein has been accused of hosting entertainments in which minors were provided to his guests.  For more information, check out the following:

It is no secret that Wall Street's big firms are big contributors to pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and organizations that push the LGBT agenda.  In Sunday's Herald, Rob Jennings outlined how some of these firm's have announced that they are taking action against Congressman Scott Garrett (R-New Jersey) for something negative that he might have said regarding the National Republican Congressional Committee's recruitment of "gay candidates".   You can read the Jennings column here:

Now here's the second part.

Garrett isn't the only politician being targeted by Wall Street.  Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has also been on the receiving end of Wall Street's wrath.  So has Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont).  They have been attacked by Wall Street for daring to speak out on the way that Wall Street does business -- endangering the economy and then engaging in the legal bribery of enough members of Congress to have the taxpayers bail them out when the collapse comes.  Wall Street wants all the rewards and none of the risk.  Watch this report here:

The rewards go to people like Jeffrey Epstein.  The risk goes to the taxpayers.