Mr. Bean gives a lesson on Free Speech

Lots of people these days want to restrict free speech.  They call it words like "hate" when really it is only an alternative point of view.

Question one of their sacred cows --Planned Parenthood, for instance -- and they go apoplectic.  "My country right or wrong" has been replaced by "my abortion clinic right or wrong."  And they want to scratch your eyes out if you disagree.  

Once upon a time, liberals were more tolerant.  They understood that's it's easy to defend what you love but if you believe in free speech you have to be willing to  defend what you hate too.  But yesterday's liberals were adults who knew how to swim in the big pool of ideas.  Today's libs content themselves in the paddling pond.  Any thought too deep scares them. 

Ditto for what goes for our media today.  The corporate media -- Left and Right -- insists that we have but two choices:  Hillary or Jeb!  They get absolutely bonkers with anger when the voters don't agree with them, and opt for Bernie or Donald. 

Establishment folk with power are now big into policing speech and pruning any they disagree with.  Heck, the Soviets couldn't pull that off effectively.  Speech is like water, it finds a way to get out despite all your efforts to prevent it. 

Unlike many in the corporate media -- which, after all, must rely on government and corporate advertising to exist --  we, at the Watchdog, we believe in free speech.  We have the intellectual curiosity to consider viewpoints not our own and the courage to advocate for their right to be heard.  Take this recent exchange between a former news reporter in Northwest New Jersey and the Watchdog:

Reporter:  "Your a f*cking hack, and you should be ashamed of yourself for spewing this vomit you call journalism."  

Watchdog:  "What a crude, violent, and illiberal response.  It appears as though you are the one doing the spewing.  Instead of vomiting all over the page with your foul language, try formulating a response.  We would be happy to print it.  See, here in America, we can disagree and still be civil.  Although you disagree with us, we feel it our duty to defend your right to disagree and to print it if you so choose.  Of course, we cannot print words like "f*cking", for obviously reasons, email filters being one of them." 

A juvenile, unable to control his emotions.  Apparently he suffers from writer's block as well.

For those with minds open to re-learn the lost art of civility, we present Mr. Rowan Atkinson, that very liberal comedian who plays Mr. Bean.  Enjoy.