The bigotry of the NYC "elite"

Most people have something they don't like.  A bigot has a group of people he or she doesn't like, mainly because he or she wants to feel "superior" to somebody.

The PolitickerNJ website is part of the Observer Media, a group of print and Internet publications owned by the son-in-law of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.  It is based in an oh-so-chic neighborhood in Manhattan. 

Observer Media is geared to impress the NYC region's one-percenters or, as its website puts it, the "most affluent and educated individuals."  So it should have come as no surprise when the editor of the  Observer, while promoting PolitickerNJ, showed a certain bigotry towards the residents of Sussex County, when he described our county as the "north woods... where people have gunracks and chew tobacco chew tobacco chew tobacco spit."

The editor -- who is described by Wikipedia as "a political consultant, journalist, and author" -- should know better, because he once ran a campaign in Sussex County.  He lost, so maybe that's where the bigotry comes from? 

Anyone who has spent any time in Sussex County knows that gunracks and chewing tobacco are definitely NOT the first things that come to mind. But in fairness, there are probably more gunracks and chewing tobacco than you generally see in Manhattan.  But that's probably because we have more bears than Manhattan or deer eating our crops.  So, on those rare occasions when you actually see a gunrack, it's meant to carry a tool. 

Ditto for the chewing tobacco.  There are few farmers left, but those who are left are subjected to a different kind of toil than you get in Manhattan. Agricultural work is hard and dusty and workers like to keep their throats from going dry.  So they chew tobacco.  But it is far from ubiquitous in Sussex County. 

For me, the big difference I see between Sussex County and Manhattan is the way we take our coffee.  If you are from Sussex County, you drink plain old coffee -- the kind you get at the diner or from the supermarket.  If you are from Manhattan, you drink that jazzed-up fancy stuff.  There are more places to get a coffee enema in Manhattan than there are fancy coffee shops in Sussex County. 

Yes, thinking about it, coffee (not chewing tobacco) is the big difference between Manhattan and Sussex County.