More Solar Spin from Freeholder Crabb

In between all the hooting and hollering over Planned Parenthood at the last meeting of Sussex County's Freeholder Board, Freeholder Director Phil Crabb (he of the full page "it was a good idea before it was a bad idea" mea culpa) took an opportunity to insert some gratuitous spin regarding the Sussex solar bailout. In he trotted a school district administrator who claimed that the annual "savings" from the solar panels being installed on his school's roof "would be enough to give every student in the district lunch for a month."

This administrator's tongue must have been stuffed firmly in his cheek to let out a howler like that, given that the bailout has already cost taxpayers enough to provide classroom instruction to every child in his district for several years.  But that's the Crabb way:  Get in your car and burn $100 in gas to find a service station that saves you a penny on the gallon, then call it a "savings".


Later in the meeting, even more misinformation was snuck into the record.  While Crabb acknowledged that there had been questions raised that some of the panels destined for the Sussex County project had been sold or used on other jobs, he stated for the record that the Sussex County panels were all found at the MasTec warehouse and were labeled for the projects.  Of course, as with so much that flows from Crabb's mouth, this wasn't true.

Crabb has never been able to produce a legal audit certifying that all the panels are accounted for.  On top of this, Watchdog has spoken with subcontractors who were offered solar panels in lieu of payment.  And these subcontractors have been talking to investigators about the deal offered them.  So watch for this Crabb fairytale to change down the road. 

We don't know why anyone continues to believe anything Freeholder Crabb says.  He's the same politician who lied to his own running mates about failing to file his campaign finance reports for four years.  With the backing of Rich Zeoli, his fellow Republicans tossed him off their ticket until he got right with the law. Again and again Crabb lied directly to their faces and in writing. 

County activist Harvey Roseff is right to characterize Crabb's efforts as a liberal attempt to come up with a "free lunch" story.  There is no free lunch.  With the money this solar scam has cost property taxpayers, every student in Sussex County and their parents could have dined at the Ritz.