Vohden: Scared witless of an investigation

Freeholder Richard Vohden is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  On the one hand he has politically-connected insiders from Morris County pressuring him to stop the independent investigation into the county's failed solar program (an investigation that both Vohden and his remaining ally on the Freeholder Board, Phil Crabb, publicly supported last year).  On the other he has the taxpayers of Sussex County who are demanding to know the facts behind how their money was wasted and why more was wasted in the bailout that followed the program's failure. 

There's polling data circulating around Sussex County that has some eye-popping numbers if you happen to be a Freeholder facing re-election this year.  In a clear reflection of Eskilson-Vohden-Crabb circus that's become county government, half the voters think Sussex County is "on the wrong track" with another 20 percent "not sure".  The solar bailout is opposed by voters 81 percent to 9 percent, while an investigation is supported 86 percent to 10 percent.  Yep, it sounds like somebody is going to get pregnant.

The Morris County insiders who sold the corporate-get-rich-quick solar scam to the Sussex County Freeholder Board are trying to bury an investigation before the national media links it to the presidential campaign of a certain Governor, because once it's national news a whole lot of people are going to get pregnant. You got to know that while you might be able to threaten a reporter from the Daily Record or from the Herald or from one of the weeklies, there's not a whole heck of lot you can do once the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNN have it.  They won't be impressed and they employ plenty of legal muscle.  Those news organizations have pieces of boys like those insiders from Morris County in their stool. 

 In preparation for yesterday's reorganization of the Freeholder Board and his no-holds-barred attempt to delay (if only for two weeks) the solar investigation the voters demand, Freeholder Vohden travelled down to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to huddle with former Freeholder Director Richard Zeoli, the politico who first introduced the Morris County toxin into the bloodstream of Sussex County.  They also had a prominent county lobbyist (a former Republican elected official from a leftish tribe of Democrats) busy making phone calls to Tea Party members and others in a desperate attempt to delay finding out who robbed the taxpayers of Sussex County.  You see, these people argue no investigation is needed because they know perfectly well who ripped-off Sussex County.  And let's not forget the dupes they have done favors for who will post a negative comment or two against the right of free people to question their government about how their tax dollars are spent.  Let's call them the "shrunken heads" because in a way they occupy the same role as those captive spirits.

So while everyone in Sussex County is surprised that the Freeholder Boards hasn't "buried the hatchet" and sung a chorus of "Kumbaya", those in the know understand that the Morris County insiders who sold the scam and who call the shots cannot allow peace unless it is on their terms -- no investigation, no more talk about the solar rip-off, just make the taxpayers pay and pay and we'll see how well it spends.