Former Freeholder candidate in murder plot

Yep, as we never stop trying to tell you, voters have to be very skeptical about what they are being sold by county "insiders".  It's the game of whisper that you have to worry about.  The things that they won't put down on paper and the people they promote (or bad mouth) that way.

Whisper, whisper, whisper... and that county goodfella they were promoting ends up being a pedophile.  Whisper, whisper, whisper... and that candidate for a job in law enforcement they all told you was so great ends up getting convicted as part of an attempt to kidnap and eat (yes, "eat" -- these are self-identified cannibals) a woman and her daughter.  Whisper, whisper, whisper... and that solar program -- yes, the "no brainer" that "couldn't fail" -- ends up costing taxpayers millions and the end is still nowhere in sight.

Gary Chiusano has been on the receiving end of these noxious whisper campaigns more than once.  When he was nominated by Governor Chris Christie to become Surrogate in 2013, a whisper campaign was mounted against him with the lie that he was doing so to "boost his pension".  In fact, Gary had voluntarily given up his pension when he was elected to the Legislature in 2007.  But that didn't stop the whisperers and it didn't stop them finding a candidate to run against him. 

Gary had tough primaries every step of his career.  He faced tough opposition in his 2007 run for Assembly and in his 2002 run for Freeholder.  Now that former opponent is in the news again.  Chris Thieme was once an up and coming player in Sussex County Republican politics.  He picked-up 3,000 votes against Chiusano in the 2002 Republican primary.  Once upon a time this critter had whisper going for him.  He was the "next big thing".  But a funny thing happened on the way to fulfilling the promise of all that insider whisper.  We'll let the Herald take over from here:

A Newton man and former Sussex County freeholder candidate has been arrested by federal authorities and charged with attempting to pay a hitman $25,000 to kidnap and kill a Paterson woman, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Christopher Thieme, 35, was arrested on Monday and charged with one count of murder-for-hire and one count of attempted kidnapping.

The murder-for-hire charge carries a maximum of 10 years in prison and the attempted kidnapping carries a maximum of 20 years. Each charge also carries a $250,000 fine.

"During multiple telephone conversations and text messages exchanged during this time period, Thieme explained to the individual that Thieme wanted the victim kidnapped and held for a week or two, during which time Thieme would empty the victim's bank accounts and sell the victim's real property for his own profit," a criminal complaint against Thieme said.

The complaint alleges that after two dates, the victim attempted to cut off contact from Thieme.

Thieme allegedly told the undercover agent that he would make the victim's death look like a heroin overdose, the complaint alleges.

On Jan. 4, Thieme took the undercover agent to the victim's home and other frequented locations before being dropped off in Caldwell and being arrested shortly after by the FBI.

The above are excerpts.  Read the full story on the Herald here:

You can't trust the whisper of county insiders.  They are corrupt scam artists who work by spreading rumors.  Beware, who knows, the next person whispering in your ear just might be a cannibal. 

Save the bears... eat the people.