Former Trustee makes a re-appearance

Glen Vetrano, the former Sussex County Freeholder who was forced to resign from the Sussex County Community College's Board of Trustees over ethical failures made a rare public appearance Wednesday evening.  Vetrano accompanied Freeholder Rich Vohden and former Freeholder Dennis Mudrick to the Skylands Tea Party meeting held that evening.

Vetrano was a public employee union leader when he first ran for Freeholder a decade and a half ago.  He won a party convention but was defeated in the Republican primary by Hal Wirths.  When the next open seat became available, Vetrano ran again and was elected.  He served a couple terms on the Freeholder Board before leaving office and becoming a member of the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Community College (SCCC). 

Vetrano was forced to resign when it came to light that he had accepted money from a firm he voted to give a contract to while a college trustee.  The story was covered extensively by the Herald, Star-Ledger, Sparta Independent, and other media outlets.  Here is what the Star-Ledger reported on August 15, 2014:

"When Glen Vetrano resigned as a trustee of Sussex County Community College last month, a statement from the college lauded him as an asset to the community who had given freely of his time to volunteer in the position.

Amid the college's accolades, however, was an unusual admission. It said Vetrano voted on a contract for a company that paid him $13,000.

...Since the resignation. the college's finances have come under scrutiny from a law firm hired by the school.

In internal emails, board of trustees members spent weeks this summer going back and forth discussing Vetrano's apparent conflict and what would be best for the college....

CP Engineers, a Sparta company, developed the master plan to renovate the college's main classroom building on the Newton campus. In his farewell statement, Vetrano admitted he was getting paid by the company when he voted on June 25, 2013 to approve the $143,200 contract." 

Notice how Sussex County "insiders" cover-up for each other?  In the middle of a letter of praise for one of their own is the admission that he was breaking the most basic ethical rule in the book -- and doing so while accepting money.  These people have no shame. 

Only days ago, the SCCC Board of Trustees got a new member courtesy of a process rigged by these same insiders.  County Administrator John Eskilson hand-picked the "search committee" to find a new SCCC trustee.  Their heads were so far up Eskilson's butt that, of course, his name was put forward.  And, of course, the person who made the final decision had also been hand-picked by Eskilson, with all this being finally ratified by Freeholders Vohden, Crabb, and Mudrick. And all these machinations are paid for by our property taxes.

But that's how it works with these insiders.  No wonder our property taxes never go down. 

Here is a video from a "third world country" that helps to teach ethics there.  It should be required viewing for some in Sussex County.  Maybe the SCCC will host a forum on ethics in public life?  Don't bet on it, but enjoy the video anyway...