The Herald goes Seinfeld - a story about nothing.


"The Herald is out to screw Steve Oroho the way the MSM is out to screw Trump."


So read the email we got at Watchdog this morning.


"What was that story even about?"


It continued.


The story filed by Herald Reporter Rob Jennings led with the headline:  "Franklin mayor wants Oroho to quit after gas tax vote."


Fair enough.  Lots of people want Donald Trump to quit after his sex rant.  Others want Hillary to quit after Wikileaks.  Some want the Governor to quit because of Bridgegate.  Some think "Colorado" Gail Phoebus screwed them on their retirement income. And some think Franklin Mayor Nick Giordano should resign because he ran as Republican but he ain't because he voted for Barack Hussein Obama.  Lots of people want just about every political figure out for some reason.


The story was mainly about nothing.  What Nick Giordano says he's thinking about doing but then doesn't do. 


Giordano thought about running against Steve Oroho... but then "ruled it out."


Giordano talks about a recall... but "has not circulated any recall petitions."


So the story becomes about one dim-witted, over-stuffed, local mayor who spends too much time on Facebook expressing himself in the most basic ways possible. 


Nick Giordano says others should be "ashamed" of their actions when everyone has done something to be ashamed of.  Giordano made up lies about his neighbor, Steve Oroho, and then used social media to spread them.  Gail Phoebus told lies about Parker Space in 2015 and about Steve Oroho in 2016. Rob Jennings wrote this pointless news article.  Bruce Tomlinson let it go to print.  Lots of shame to go around.


Giordano says that Oroho "screwed his constituents."  Coming from someone like Nick Giordano, what does that mean?  Jennings really doesn't tell us.


Giordano asks:  "What kind of man would I be if I didn't say anything about it (on Facebook)."  Well Nick, you would be the kind of man who doesn't expose his unfiltered self on Facebook.


Giordano assures us that his "people" (crickets, groundhogs, voles?) want him to express himself on Facebook in an untethered, full-frontal way.  Get it? He's doing this for you, not because he likes to see his name... anywhere.


Giordano tells Jennings that "he would not benefit from the savings (from the tax cuts Oroho negotiated) and that the gas tax increase would cost him, over the course of a year, about the equivalent of a week's salary."  This is a demonstrable lie, but Jennings doesn't challenge it.


Somehow Jennings finds his way back to his story and quotes Giordano:  "Oroho is my local representative, and I'm not saying I'm going to recall him." WTF!  What is this story about anyway?  Is this an episode of Seinfeld?  Everyone knows that Jennings can't write a policy story and that it always goes back to process and politics but WTF!  Why write it? 


Then, as befitting a man who brags about voting for Barack Obama, Giordano goes full-Marxist and charges that "Oroho, a financial planner, had placed his wealthy clientele ahead of the needs of his constituents."  Giordano is talking about farmers and small business owners who get killed by the estate tax, the number one killer of family farms in this country.  Farmers are "wealthy clientele"?  Well maybe to an Obama voter they are.


Giordano is quoted by Jennings as saying:  "Just because I live in Sussex County doesn't mean I'm a hillbilly with a hay stick sticking out of my mouth." Nobody said you were.  A handjob, not a hillbilly.