Skylands Tea Party: Union families are bad people

Watchdog hasn't mentioned the Skylands Tea Party hypocrites in a while, but over the weekend these critters sent out an email that pissed all over thousands upon thousands of families in Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties.  Now Skylands will cry and moan that they are being picked on, but this is how bullies always react.  They start fights and then complain about it when someone pushes back.


Most Skylands Tea Party members are dependent on some form of government program.  Every Skylands member is either now receiving Social Security payments or will soon be receiving said payments.  They understand perfectly well that the payments they receive have been adjusted for inflation many times since 1988 and that they would have let out an incredible howl if this wasn't the case. 


For the record, these are the Social Security COLAs (cost of living adjustment) that Skylands Tea Party members enjoy:  4.0% in 1988, 4.7% in 1989, 5.4% in 1990, 3.7% in 1991, 3% in 1992, 2.6% in 1993, 2.8% in 1994, 2.6% in 1995, 2.9% in 1996, 2.1% in 1997, 1.3% in 1998, 2.5% in 1999, 3.5% in 2000, 2.6% in 2001, 1.4% in 2002, 2.1% in 2003, 2.7% in 2004, 4.1% in 2005, 3.3% in 2006, 2.3% in 2007, 5.8% in 2008, zero in 2009, zero in 2010, 3.6% in 2011, 1.7% in 2012, 1.5% in 2013, 1.7% in 2014, and zero in 2015.  And yet these same people piss and moan because the price paid to maintain our roads and bridges had to finally increase after remained the same since 1988.  If they can't survive on 1988 payments how can our transportation infrastructure?


Whoever came up with the fascist, BIG LIE text of the Skylands Tea Party email sent out over the weekend has no sense of history, the Constitution, or of economics. 


First, Sussex County is not "one of the quietest counties in the state."  It has a history of being a hotbed of fascist activity involving the Brown-Shirts, Black-Shirts, the KKK, as well as today's Red-Shirts.  Camp Nordland in Andover Township was the rally spot for the American National Socialists Bund and the Bund Hall has been preserved as a treasured relic by Andover Township leaders, when must communities would have demolished it and left not a trace.


Whereas the Skylands Tea Party's membership is largely made up of retirees, the people who they attempted to "segregate" before ultimately cancelling their own rally due to "weather" are working people paying into the system that supports retirees.  Don't trash those productive elements of society whose taxes are supporting everything from Medicare to the United States military.  They are American workers with American families and they live and vote in Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties.  They also outnumber the membership of the Skylands Tea Party by many, many thousands of voters.


We sense a class thing going on here.  Much of the Skylands' leadership is white collar.  Maybe they think they are better than blue collar family men and women?  Maybe they look down on them and maybe they think $60,000 a year is too much to pay an operating engineer who knows how to handle the crane that builds our roads and bridges.  These same people think a lawyer who is making $100,000 a year is underpaid.  We think they have their priorities screwed up.  We need the engineer who knows how to operate heavy equipment because we need roads and bridges.  What we can do without is more of the b.s. turned out by lawyers.


Please note that unlike the Skylands Tea Party, those who gathered on Newton Green on Saturday, October 22nd, did not attempt to "segregate" anyone or use the police or other armed government agents to turn away anyone.  In the real spirit of democracy and of the Republic, everyone was welcome.   


And that "everyone" included a few dozen NRA activists and Pro-Lifers and Republican county committee members and members of the public (the rally was extensively advertised).  The author of the Skylands' missive leaves out the fact that the gathering was addressed by conservative leaders Rev. Greg Quinlan and Professor Murray Sabrin -- two people with real conservative credentials.


Skylands then lies about the tax cuts contained in the Tax Restructuring Plan (there are five tax cuts for retirees, consumers, veterans, low-paid workers, and family farms/small businesses) and out and out lie about the estate tax (it is being eliminated).  Maybe, instead of listening to a lifelong liberal like salesman Harvey Roseff, maybe the Skylands Tea Party should invite an actual conservative economics professor to explain it to them.  That's if they REALLY want to know the FACTS, which we seriously doubt.


Skylands even attacks Senator Oroho for what everyone who knows anything acknowledges was the incredible job he did negotiating five tax cuts in a Legislature where BOTH chambers are controlled by Democrats.  The people making these attacks are so undiplomatic that they couldn't even keep the congregation of their church under the same roof.  That's right, they created enmity among fellow Christians.  Whereas, Steve Oroho found commonality between people on opposite sides of the ideological divide. 


Representative democracy -- our Republic -- is not maintained by everyone acting like a dick and one side trying to out-ignorant azzhole the other.  That doesn't get you anywhere.  Now some in the Tea Party have suggested shooting everyone (Can you imagine?  Firing squads made up of geriatrics), but short of that, negotiation and compromise is pretty much what we are left with.  Looking at many of the Tea Party "leaders" -- there's not much in the way of compromise there.  Heck, Seth Grossman bragged about "defriending" his lady friend on Facebook simply because they disagreed on politics.  Really? Who are these people?


Finally, the Tea Party attacks Senator Steve Oroho for being supported by union workers but fails to mention his support by the NRA, New Jersey Right-to-Life, Christian organizations, groups that promote traditional values, the Chamber of Commerce, NFIB, numerous other business and taxpayers organizations, and on and on and on.  Heck, Oroho is the chairman of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for crying out loud!!!


Critters like Harvey Roseff's Byram buddies used to attack Senator Oroho for his leadership in conservative groups like ALEC and the Heritage Foundation.  Now Roseff attacks him for the support he receives from the same exact unions that support Assemblyman Parker Space and Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus.  Could it be that Roseff just wants to attack Steve Oroho? 


Maybe it is envy?  Roseff certainly is afraid to meet with Steve face-to-face to discuss the Tax Restructuring Plan.  Again and again Roseff has turned it down.  Has Roseff ever voted in a Republican primary?  Has he participated other than to spread the Big Lie and then turn tail and run when asked to man-up?


It is all  starting to look like 2011 again.  That's when the Tea Party in Sussex County decided to go all emotional, get personal, and then attempt to destroy two solid conservatives by the names of Alison Littell McHose and Gary Chiusano.  The Tea Party went so far as to attempt to extort the legislators into hiring staff chosen by the Tea Party -- an attempt that some suggested be turned over to the county prosecutor.


As with Senator Oroho, in 2011 the Tea Party was disagreeable just to be disagreeable, nit-picked, picked fights, and destroyed its relationship with the state's most solid conservative legislators.  What Sussex County did gave Tea Party groups across the state a bad name and soon nobody had any time for what were increasingly nasty, foul-mouthed geriatrics.  The Tea Party candidates got 5 percent and 2 percent of the vote, respectively.  That was at the height of the Tea Party movement, back when the negative perception of them was much lower than it is today.


Before getting in too deep, the Skylands Tea Party would do well to undertake a poll to find out just how many heads, horns, and tails  the average, everyday voters think they have.  Because others have done their homework and are not relying simply on "feelings".


And remember this.  Morris County is a whole lot more white collar than is Sussex County.  In 2015, two incumbent Republican Freeholders in that county decided to run for re-election by bashing blue collar unions.  They were the incumbents, with lots of support.  They got their asses beat.  Never made it out of the primary.

The people will win because the Republic will win.  The new fascism, with its hatred, its mob mentality, with its lies and violence, will not prevail.