Solar consultant getting $14,000 a month

The Sussex County solar scam has put taxpayers on the hook for $28 million and seen the county lose its "rainy-day" proceeds from the sale of the Homestead nursing home, but still new vendors are being hired. 

The latest contract to be uncovered is between Sunlight General Sussex Solar LLC, of New York City, and Joseph Jingoli & Sons, of Lawrenceville.  The contract is dated December 2, 2015, and was negotiated under the somnolent eyes of the old Freeholder Board leadership of Crabb, Vohden, and Mudrick (AKA Howard, Fine, and Howard).  It appears that the Wall Street bankers who came up with the solar scheme lack the know-how to oversee it to completion, so they've brought in an "owner's representative" in the form of Jingoli, a politically-connected contracting firm in New Jersey.

Jingoli is being paid a monthly sum of $13,990 to oversee the projects in Sparta Middle School, Sparta High School, Hardyston Middle School, Hardyston Elementary School, and Kittatinny High School.  According to the attached fee schedule, this amount provides for "a Project Manager for (1) one day per week and a Site Inspector/Superintendent (2) two days per week."  Additional fees will be charged at the rate of $1,000 per day for a Project Manager and at an $800 per day rate for an Inspector.

The contract makes clear that Jingoli has become the primary organization for providing information on the solar scheme to the taxpayers and their elected representatives.  Their duties include attending "monthly County Board meetings, prepare and present information -- as required -- at County Board meetings, prepare various reports -- including Solar Project Update Report -- for County Board, answer County Board questions, answer questions of Local Unit Facilities."

Taxpayers with questions on the projects should contact Jingoli directly so that they can be prepared with answers at the next meeting of the County Freeholder Board.  Jingoli's address is:  Joseph Jingoli & Sons, 100 Lenox Drive, Suite 100, Lawrenceville, New Jersey (08648).

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