"Tender" feelings in the Sussex GOP

It wasn't too long ago when Freeholder Rich Zeoli expressed outrage that a Republican would dare submit an open records request (OPRA) asking for the public records of an elected Republican official.  Zeoli had a fit of histrionics over it.  Then again, this is the same fellow who, in 2004, suggested that Steve Oroho's run against an incumbent Republican Freeholder was unpatriotic.  Silly.

And despite his failing to file required campaign finance reports with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for four years, Freeholder Phil Crabb never had anyone report him to NJELEC or file a complaint to generate an investigation.  How times have changed.  Now people call the police over a mistake.

If the email circulated yesterday -- you remember, the one that attempted to impersonate this website -- is anything to go by, somebody has eaten too many chili peppers and is suffering a tough morning after.  The email claimed that one of the freeholders listed his former campaign chair on his new campaign form.  It turned out that the former campaign chair didn't want to be listed again, but they had apparently failed to communicate.  So she flipped and called the police and filed a formal complaint with NJ ELEC.  This former campaign chair is an elected member of a township council and is political enough to know better. 

As if this wasn't enough low-brow drama for the week., now a new drama is emerging.  This one involved a judge, a local elected official, and a SCCC official who are locked in a three-way controversy that has the judge and SCCC official getting cozy to the detriment of the local guy.  Why?  Well it seems that some men suffer the same monthly cycles that women do.  Every so often, at somewhat regular intervals, they become "tender."  It looks like the judge and the SCCC official have gone tender.  Poor things. 

Look for more of these personal meltdowns and look for them to get a lot messier as the internecine battles between Freeholders gets hotter and the election gets closer.