You will be made to care

Erick Erickson, the conservative radio host who was editor at RedState -- a top national conservative news and opinion website, has a new book coming out this month.  It's title: You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family and Your Freedom to Believe!

Erickson and his co-author, Bill Blankschaen, describe how religious liberty is under attack in America and how our "freedom to believe" may not last much longer.  Their message is for all those who say they don’t care about the culture war:  “The Left will not let you stay on the sidelines. You will be made to care.”

Look at how quickly intolerance entrenched itself in Britain, so much so that a few years ago an effort was started to claw back some of the freedom that had been lost.  Here is comedian and free speech activist Rowan Atkinson speaking on the subject:

By imposing strict "politically correct" codes and defining the expression of any opinion outside the establishment orthodoxy as "hate speech," those who oppose freedom are determined to drive Christianity from the public square.  The effort to make Christian small businesses conform to this "new religion" by offering them the option of conversion or bankruptcy represents only a skirmish in the wider effort to drive the Christian faith into the shadows.

You will not be left alone.  You will be made to "celebrate."

We have been here before -- and warned before.  Lillian Smith was a good and tolerant liberal.  She one of the first Southerners to write about the evils of segregation, and lived long enough to see most of that system eradicated and reforms enacted.  But at the end of her life, she became concerned that the love of ideology would trump humanity.  In accepting the Charles S. Johnson Award, she wrote:

“It is his millions of relationships that will give man his humanity… It is not our ideological rights that are important but the quality of our relationships with each other, with all men, with knowledge and art and God that count.

The civil rights movement has done a magnificent job but it is now faced with the ancient choice between good and evil, between love for all men and lust for a group’s power.”

“Every group on earth that has put ideology before human relations has failed; always disaster and bitterness and bloodshed have come.  This movement, too, may fail.  If it does, it will be because it aroused in men more hate than love, more concern for their own group than for all people, more lust for power than compassion for human need.”

“We must avoid the trap of totalism which lures a man into thinking there is only one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now.” 

Totalism.  One Way -- forced into it Now.  Prior to the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell, in every state where same-sex marriage was legalized, people of conscience who objected to participating in someone else's "celebration" were targeted and made to pay for their dissent.  So the Court legalizes same-sex marriage and what does the winning side do?  It starts talking about stripping religious organizations of their tax exempt status.  Not the best way to build comity.

That's why You Will Be Made to Care is such a timely book.  It recognizes that the assault is under way and details the steps you can take to resist.

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