CD05: Eustace vs. Garrett

Assemblyman Tim Eustace is a self-professed "gay" member of the New Jersey Legislature.  It is enough for us to know that he is a Democrat and that, when a member of the town council in Maywood, he sneered at those "hillbilly" taxpayers who wanted to maintain the town's rural character.  Eustace was pro-development, pro-corporate development, and opposed to allowing Maywood to remain (How goes the taunt?) "Mayberry."

These days, instead of focusing on his job as an Assemblyman -- instead of doing something about record child poverty, foreclosure, unemployment and underemployment, public debt, and the highest property taxes in America -- Eustace is protesting businesses that have contributed to Congressman Scott Garrett, a Republican from Sussex County.  You see, Tim Eustace is an old-fashioned bigot in a new-fashioned way.

Assemblyman Eustace pours the old wine of intolerance into the new bottle of the LGBT movement.  Eustace is intolerant of Christians who practice their beliefs in the same way they have done for over 2,000 years.  If Eustace had his way, he would label the Gospel as "hate speech" and then criminalize it.  Eustace is so self-absorbed that he can only tolerate being around people who agree with him one hundred percent.  Everyone else must be suppressed.

Last year, Assemblyman Eustace was on the ballot and he had a lot of negative things to say about his opponents.  An intriguing question about Eustace's own background came up, but true to the self-absorbed homunculus that he is, Eustace refused to answer any questions.

Here's what prompted the question:  On the New Jersey Court's public ACMS website, are two "active" judgments against a Timothy J. Eustace: 


A search of the details reveals that two civil cases filed in Bergen County are connected with these judgments.  They are dockets DC-624821-89 and DC-625025-89.  These cases refer to civil actions taken by the Leonard Shaw Bail Bond Agency against Timothy J. Eustace of 453 Golf Ave., Maywood, NJ 07607.  

453 Golf Ave., Maywood, NJ 07607, is the same address used by Assembly candidate Timothy J. Eustace.  Could the Timothy J. Eustace with the two outstanding judgments be Assemblyman Timothy J. Eustace?

Who is the other party in the case?  Who or what is the Leonard Shaw Bail Bond Agency?  Well, they are now known as Kirk Shaw Bail Bonds.  The company website advertises that they are "directly across from the Bergen County Jail" and have "24-hour service."  Here is a look at their website: 

Who uses a bail bond company?  To explain that, here is a video by a well-known New Jersey attorney:


So what we have here are two outstanding judgments against a Timothy J. Eustace, by a bail bond company.  These relate back to two civil cases in which, apparently, Timothy J. Eustace owed something to the bail bond company.  This could relate back to a criminal case, for which the bail was needed.

Now it is important to understand that these court records are maintained by the same entity that has taken it upon itself to dictate the education funding formula in New Jersey.  These people are idiots, so there is every possibility that the Court's records -- just like the Court's judgments -- are full of crap.  On the other hand, it could point to a very serious case of wrongdoing.

Of course, Assemblyman Timothy J. Eustace of 453 Golf Ave., Maywood, NJ 07607, can probably set the record straight.  So, Brother Eustace, if you would like to, we'd be happy to.