More safety for women and girls -- not less!

Jersey Conservative has pushed back against the economic and political establishment and their lackeys in the mainstream media who want to allow people who are anatomically male, but who claim they are female, into toilets that are reserved for the use of women and girls.  The fact that this would allow a host of convicted adult male sex offenders and pedophiles who claim they are now women into these currently female-only safe zones doesn't seem to bother the establishment and some in the mainstream media.

The threat posed by men who have been convicted of sexual abuse, harassment, violent assault, rape, and even murder is too high a price for innocent women and girls to pay to make some people feel "more positive" about their adopted sexual "identity".  We should not sacrifice a single woman or young girl on the altar of political correctness.  Their safety should come first!

People like the billionaires Samuel Irving Newhouse (estimated net worth:  $9.5 billion) and Donald Edward Newhouse (estimated net worth: $10.5 billion), who own the Star-Ledger, want New Jersey to go backwards.  They are very powerful, have influence, and are used to getting their own way.  But just because Donald is the 2nd richest resident of New Jersey and the 56th richest person in the United States, that doesn't mean he should get to squash the rights and will of the millions of average people who live in New Jersey.

All over the world we see responsible governments and businesses putting the safety of women and girls first.  In cities around the world -- in Cairo, Delhi, Tokyo, and Mexico City -- responsible government leaders have responded to sexual harassment against women and girls by providing them with the option of using female-only public transportation subway cars and buses.  Here in New Jersey, they want to take away the option of women-only toilets.

Now Germany has announced that it will be running women-only trains.  Here is a story that appeared yesterday in a European newspaper, the Daily Mirror:

German train operator introduces women-only carriages amid fears over 'migrant sex attacks'

A German train operator has announced it is introducing women and children-only train carriages amid fears over sex attacks in the country.

The Regiobahn line between Leipzig and Chemnitz will introduce the carriages to increase security for women.

The carriages will be next to the train conductor in a bid to make women feel more safe.


A spokesman for the railway said: “The local proximity to the customer service representative is chosen deliberately.”

Germany is still reeling from a string of sex attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve, allegedly carried out by dozens of migrants.

In total more than 800 complaints were made to police and the incidents have sparked criticism over German Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to refuse to limit the number of refugees allowed into the country.

But the railway has said the measure is not a direct reaction to the Cologne incidents but is about increasing security generally.

The idea of gender segregated carriages was suggested by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last year as a measure to reduce sexual harassment on public transport.

He said: “Some women have raised with me that a solution to the rise in assault and harassment on public transport could be to introduce women-only carriages. 

“I would consult with women and open it up to hear their views on whether women-only carriages would be welcome – and if piloting this at times and on modes of transport where harassment is reported most frequently would be of interest.”

The measure is also currently in place in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Egypt.