Email links solar and Gray-Gorman

An email sent on Monday from a website affiliated with the Freeholder campaign of David Gray and Kathleen Gorman used the address of an attorney from Hillsborough, Somerset County.  The attorney, Frank Whittlesey, works for the Somerset County Freeholder Board and is affiliated with that county's improvement authority -- the same agency connected with the solar deal that has cost Sussex County taxpayer's millions. 

Watchdog investigated this story and it seems that about the same time attorney David Gray asked longtime Sussex County consultant Bill Winkler to work for him, attorney Whittlesey also reached out to Winkler, at the direction of unnamed interests, to work digging up dirt on Freeholder George Graham and Hopatcong Mayor Sylvia Petillo.  Winkler turned down working for Gray and whoever sent Whittlesey and has been on the receiving end of a very public campaign of personal harassment since.

Winkler told Watchdog that he was contacted by the New Jersey Herald and, at their request, released a series of recorded messages from Whittlesey left on his voice mail.  The messages, we are told, make explicit references to "the Sussex matter." 

David Gray is a Morris County attorney who lives in Sussex County.  He reportedly has ties to former Morris Freeholder and solar player John Inglesino. Whittlesey is another out-of-county attorney connected to politicians who supported solar.  Why are Morris and Somerset County insiders so interested in deciding the make-up of the next Sussex County Freeholder Board?

FYI:  Inglesino, also an attorney, received national attention when he represented a teen-aged girl who sued her parents so that she could live at Inglesino's house as an "adult."

The story was extensively covered in the media.  Here is a article from the Star-Ledger and you can access others from the newspaper's website.  Read it yourself.