Solar Scam is about $34 million NOT $250,000

Freeholders Richard Vohden, Phil Crabb, and ex-Freeholder Dennis Mudrick are at it again.  They want us to forget how they bailed out the Wall Street solar scammers and left Sussex County taxpayers on the hook for $24 million.  They want us to forget how they took the blood money they got from selling the county nursing home and gave it away to the solar scammers as part of that ill-fated bailout attempt.  This cost taxpayers another $10 million.

Now Vohden, Crabb, and Mudrick are trying the old bait and switch on us.  They want us to forget the $34 million the taxpayers are on the hook for -- thanks to them -- by focusing our attention on the cost of the county investigation designed to get some of that money back.  That's like muggers telling their victims not to press charges because of the cost of investigating the crime.

The taxpayers of Sussex County were mugged -- twice!  Once by the solar evaluation team that sold the project to the Freeholder Board.  That team actually included representatives of a criminal enterprise whose CEO was recently sentenced to 4 years in prison for his crimes. 

The taxpayers were mugged again in 2015 when Vohden, Crabb, and Mudrick voted for the bailout that sucked another $10 million out of the pockets of taxpayers , while covering up the misfeasance of the Wall Street scammers and their political accomplices in Morris County.  Vohden, Crabb, and Mudrick went so far as to support language in the bailout that prevented people from freely speaking the truth about the scammers -- under threat of lawsuit.  It took great courage for people like Gail Phoebus to stand up and speak out against the scammers and to resist their threats and intimidation.  At least one person working with state and federal law enforcement was offered a bribe. 

Big spenders Vohden, Crabb, and Mudrick are trying to sell us the line of b.s. that they fought to prevent a county solar investigation because they thought it cost too much.  Really? $250,000 is too much but $38 million isn't worth crying over?  Who taught these festered bungholes math?  (Well, wasn't it Phil Crabb who told us the bailout was only going to cost $7 million?  Oh well, just $3 million off on the math for that one).

Why did they fight the investigation?   Was there any fear of who it might implicate?  Several Freeholders -- past and present -- have voluntarily met with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Justice Department, and the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey and have --openly and freely and without counsel present -- on the record told everything they knew to those investigating possible criminal wrongdoing in Sussex County.  Has Freeholder Richard Vohden been in to see the FBI?  Has Freeholder Phil Crabb Has former Freeholder Dennis Mudrick Are they assisting the criminal investigation?

The reason Sussex County needs a county investigation is simple.  The solar scam cost $88 million.  Sussex taxpayers are on the hook for $34 million of that.  It's going to affect the property taxes we pay -- big time!

It is not the job of state and federal law enforcement agencies to protect the interests of Sussex County.  They could even end up citing Sussex County officials for malfeasance and who would pay for that?  The federal authorities will try to claw back the federal money involved in the scam.  Who is looking out for Sussex County taxpayers?

That's where an independent county investigation comes in.  It is a fact-finding mission to build a case to get some of those millions back through civil action. 

The FBI and State Attorney General's office are looking for criminal indictments.  That may punish those responsible, but it won't get our money back.  That is why the investment in an independent county investigation is money well spent.

So don't be misled by emails coming from the Freeholder campaign of David Gray and Kathleen Gorman.  Gray is a Morris County attorney with ties to solar scammer and Morris County powerbroker John Inglesino.  Gorman is Gray's client.  Together they screwed Wantage taxpayers out of $1.2 million.    

Don't be misled by emails that use the address of an attorney from Hillsborough, Somerset County.  The attorney, Frank Whittlesey works for the Somerset County Freeholder Board and is affiliated with that county's improvement authority -- the same agency connected with the solar deal that has cost Sussex County taxpayer's millions.