The hypocrisy of the pro-solar scam crowd

We have been humorously following the verbal incontinence of a local politician and former elected official.  The New Jersey Herald is just soaked through with this idiot's rantings.  As usual, the target is anyone who opposed the costly bailout of the Sussex Solar Project that scammed Sussex County taxpayers out of $24 million. 

Pro-solar scammers have been attacking the Sussex County legislators and three Sussex County Freeholders for joining with the State Attorney General, United States Justice Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation in questioning the bailout of this poorly planned and even more poorly executed failure.  Their logic is very hard to follow, as they desperately flip back and forth in an effort to hinder or delay any investigation of the wrong-doers behind the solar scam.

Their latest ploy is to attack the county investigation as "too expensive".  Never mind that they called for this investigation last year and they all supported it.  Or that it costs a fraction of what Wantage residents paid to buy a lake and settle a lawsuit.  They want to prevent the truth about the solar scam from ever seeing the light of day.

With the backing of solar-supporter Freeholder Richard Vohden, they fought to kill an independent county investigation, using the excuse that state and federal criminal investigations were on-going.   Of course, last year they denied such investigations were even happening.  It has become obvious to every well-read resident that their goal is to thwart every investigation and delay a county investigation indefinitely.

The reason Sussex County needs a county investigation is simple.  The solar scam cost $88 million.  Sussex taxpayers are on the hook for $24 million and they just borrowed another $7 million and the bill for that is coming due shortly.  It's going to affect the property taxes we pay -- big time!

It is not the job of state and federal law enforcement agencies to protect the interests of Sussex County.  They could even cite Sussex County officials for malfeasance and who would pay for that?  The federal authorities will try to claw back the federal money involved in the scam.  Who is looking out for Sussex County taxpayers?

That's where an independent county investigation comes in.  It is a fact-finding mission to build a case to get some of those millions back through civil action. 

The FBI and State Attorney General's office are looking for criminal indictments.  That may punish those responsible, but it won't get our money back.  That is why the investment in an independent county investigation is money well spent.