Is the NJ Herald shilling for the solar scam?

The corporate privateers who ripped-off Sussex County for $28 million and caused the county lose its "rainy-day" proceeds from the sale of the Homestead nursing home, are starting to feel the heat from multiple investigations into the project and its subsequent bailout.  Vendors connected to the solar scam and their representatives have been trying to influence public opinion and corrupt the election process in Sussex County.

One vendor even attempted to bribe -- let's say that word again, bribe -- someone they believed to be connected to this website.  That's how desperate they are.  That is how bad this has become.

Now it is beginning to look like they got to the New Jersey Herald A politician and former elected official who is well-connected to the Freeholders who supported the solar bailout has been permitted by the Herald to use its webpage to post false and defamatory comments in an on-going disinformation campaign aimed at damaging the reputations of those who oppose the solar bailout. 

What is making us question the motives of the Herald is this:  They have pulled down any comments that have set the record straight on behalf of those who oppose the solar bailout.  What is left on the NJ Herald website are ONLY the comments of those who oppose the Freeholders who have fought the corporate solar scammers on behalf of the taxpayers.  This one-sided exposition creates the false and deceitful illusion that the citizens of Sussex County enjoy being ripped-off by crony corporations in bed with politicians (mainly from Morris County).   

We sincerely hope that the New Jersey Herald has not been compromised and we believe that this branch of the corporate media can show us so by allowing BOTH sides to be heard on its website, without editorial interference.  Spiking commentary to give a false impression of public opinion is wrong and unethical.