Oroho bill passes, provides property tax relief

Last month, the Star-ledger researched all the bills passed and found that of the TOP TEN Legislators in terms of getting bills passed ONLY ONE was a Republican. That was Sussex County's own Senator -- Steve Oroho.  And not only was he the only Republican in the top ten, he came in number two.

Number one was Cape May's Senator Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat.  Well the two teamed-up and on Monday passed a bill that will send state funds to towns that lose property tax revenue from property purchased by non-profit organizations, governments, and Open Space programs. 

Without such funding, towns would either have to cut back services and lay-off employees or raise the property taxes of everyone else living in town. 

With the Legislature in Democrat control, Senator Steve Oroho found a Democrat who lives in a suburban/rural district much like LD24 -- albeit at the opposite end of the state -- and proposed that they try to help property taxpayers.  The two Senators then painstakingly put together data to convince each and every member of the Senate about how the bill helped their districts.  No wonder they hold the records they do.

This bill is particularly helpful to Sussex County.  Back when the income tax became law, it was supposed to be for property tax relief, but then the law was hijacked by the unelected judiciary and used by them to fund urban political machines in Democrat Party strongholds.  These were the so-called Abbott Districts.  The unelected courts used the argument that they were over-ruling the elected Legislature for "the children" -- in this case, poor children in urban areas.

Of course, this was a lie.  The Court's own Doyne Report showed that half the state's poor children lived outside these Abbott Districts, while all the state's Democrat Party political machines lived within them.  Now the Brookings Institute, the foremost Liberal think tank in America, reports that suburban poverty is now greater than urban poverty.  Places like Hoboken (an Abbott District) is booming while places like Sussex County are struggling.

The legal community is deeply anti-democratic, always was.  They make their living by convincing the real owners of the law (citizens) that they need to pay them to access it.  It's like paying a street gang for access to your car.  But the judiciary are the real filth that undermines our Republic.  The judiciary is the priesthood of the establishment.  Like Roman oracles of old they sit in black robes and interpret plain speech, written by plain men, and pour a sauce of chicken shit over it to come up with something totally opposite.   Then they use this chicken shit to over-ride anything any democratically elected body passes that the establishment doesn't want.

The Courts are the failsafe of the establishment.  When the people want something and they lean on their elected leaders so much that even all the lobbyists and their money can't stop it, there's always the Courts to say no.  And that's how our owners keep us in our place.

We should be thankful that we have legislators like Senator Steve Oroho who continue to fight against enormous odds and pass legislation that piece by piece helps to keep average citizens' heads above water.