Gray and Gorman are campaigning hard

In contrast to their opponents' anemic  campaign style, Republican Freeholder candidates David Gray and Kathleen Gorman dropped a solid piece of direct mail this week.  Styling themselves "outsider conservatives" is a smart move -- open to controversy -- but smart given the reticence of the other side to even bother itself with a retort.  Their slogan of "a fresh conservative perspective" is spot on and could only be improved by underlining the word "fresh," while their three-point "conservative plan" to "cut taxes, reduce the size of government," and "protect property rights" is succinct and understandable.  We might add that it is not too early to put the date of the election -- June 7th -- on your literature.  Overall, a job very well done!

As for the other side, Watchdog thinks the incumbent is listening too much to a county bond counsel's advice -- who is probably part of the same crew behind Gray and Gorman.  All this points to an underhanded deal to screw Hopatcong Mayor Sylvia Petillo and her husband, SCMUA chief Ron Petillo.  The Petillo family are long-time stalwarts of the GOP in Sussex County, who have generously given to the party and to Republican candidates, both their time and money.

In years past, nobody would have even considered doing dirty a family that has given so much to nearly everyone involved in the county GOP, but the solar scam, the bailout, the ongoing criminal investigations, and especially the county investigation, has changed all that.  Now money is flowing into the county from new sources with a very different agenda.  Even the Space family has hedged its bets. 

Looks like Sussex County is all grown-up and joining the ranks of counties dominated by the likes of John Inglesino.  That's nothing to cheer about.