David Gray's deadbeat campaign

Freeholder candidate David Gray is being sued under New Jersey's Conscientious Employee Protection Act.


The plaintiff, Juliette Bresnahan, worked full-time as the office manager of David Gray's law firm. . .


. . . around mid-October 2015, Gray informed Bresnahan that he received a tax bill for around $62,000.  Gray indicated that he was unsure how he would pay this bill. . .


. . . Gray's directive was aimed at intentionally falsifying and fraudulently increasing the bills to generate more revenue to the firm to extricate it from its current financial predicament.


Read the entire complaint against Gray here.


Lawyer/Freeholder candidate David Gray's campaign appears to delight in beating up on single moms.  Gray's former office manager, Juliette Bresnahan is one of his female victims.  So is Kelly Hart, the daughter of the late Mayor of Hardyston, Ken Kievit, a very generous supporter of the Sussex County Republican Party and its candidates. Next on his list is Byram Councilwoman Nisha Kash. 


According to sources directly involved in the matter, David Gray's campaign shook down and threatened Byram Councilwoman Kash in order to get her to make claims against Freeholder George Graham that have been used in political attacks by the campaign of David Gray and Kathleen Gorman.  According to these sources, the Gray-Gorman campaign used Councilwoman Kash's family financial situation against her.  (See below)