Why must wannabe politicians lie?

Freeholder candidates David Gray and Kathleen Gorman claim that they "are anxiously waiting for the results of the investigations that are being done by the federal government and the attorney general."

Note the lawyer language.  The two wannabe freeholders never say that they "support" these investigations.  They don't even mention the independent county investigation designed to get back the $34 million the solar scammers ripped from the pockets of Sussex County taxpayers. 

Look, we have no personal beef with either David Gray or Kathleen Gorman or the people who support them.  We do have a beef with ANYONE who supports the solar scam, the bailout, or the language in the bailout.  And we especially have a beef with ANYONE trying to cover-up or protect the scumbags responsible for the solar scam.  We agree with Harvey Roseff and John Snyder -- investigate the hell out it, make the on-going project totally transparent, support all the investigations, hold a public hearing,  sue the scumbags to get the money back, and -- per the criminal investigations -- send those responsible to prison.

Now forgive our skepticism, but we find it highly unlikely that candidates Gray and Gorman share our views on solar.  For a start, they enjoy the support of the three knuckleheads who voted FOR the bailout! 

And not only do Gray and Gorman enjoy the support of Freeholders Vohden and Crabb, and former Freeholder Mudrick, but Gray and Gorman have allowed these idiots (who defended the bailout language and OPPOSED the investigation) to hold a big fundraiser for them.  Gray and Gorman have willingly climbed into the sack with and taken money from the politicians responsible for the bailout and for delaying the investigation.  Do they still want us to believe that they're virgins?

We'd like to believe, but then we watch lawyer Gray skip a charity event in Sussex County to attend a political fundraising event for one of the Morris County Freeholders responsible for solar.  What is that about?  You shouldn't be anywhere near those scumbags if you want to represent the taxpayers of Sussex County.

If Gray and Gorman want to purify themselves, this is what they need to do:  (1) Stay away from Morris County solar scam money; (2) Stay away from the three knuckleheads (Vohden, Crabb, Mudrick); (3) Join with reformers like Harvey Roseff and John Snyder and demand that every vendor connected with solar be canned.  Amazingly, despite everything that has happened, some are still on the payroll, collecting tax dollars.  Shame on the Board and shame on these wannabes for not shaming the Board and instead sucking up to solar and their allies.

You have a chance to correct yourselves.  Take it!  Say NO to SOLAR!

Yikes!  The three knuckleheads are hosting a fundraiser for Gray and Gorman