Saint Jesse Wolosky for Freeholder

Watchdog's dream Freeholder Board would, of course, contain citizen activists like Harvey Roseff and John Snyder, a Democrat (for balance) like Bill Weightman, a young libertarian like Jonathan Rose, and for director someone who would truly shake things up. . . Jesse Wolosky. 

Whether on the county or local level, Jesse is always on the job, cleaning out the stables.  It is a trait he shares with Harvey Roseff, but where Harvey is the diffident gentleman, Jesse likes playing with matches and gasoline.

Now Jesse has gone and unlocked an unused, almost secret way, to punish county and local government officials who tyrannize property taxpayers by giving them a taste of their own medicine.  In yesterday's New Jersey Herald, that newspaper's crack investigative reporter, Eric Obernauer, wrote:

NEWTON -- In a first-of-its-kind case, a citizen activist has a hearing scheduled today on the first of two tax appeal petitions -- not to lower his own taxes, but to raise the property taxes on the Green Township tax assessor's home and on the home of the township attorney who he says fought him last year over what would have amounted to a $16 tax difference on a vacant parcel he owns.

"It's a worthless piece of land with a stream running through it that I picked up some years ago through a tax sale after nobody else wanted it," said Jesse Wolosky, a Sparta resident who invests in tax liens.

...During the hearing, he then told both of them, "Wait and see. Any person in the county can file ... so I'll see you next year on your (Holenstein's) property and your (Stein's) property."

The hearing concluded with Stein saying "not unless you own it" and telling Wolosky that "I'm not going to listen to this nonsense anymore."

Wolosky recalls turning at that point to Board of Taxation Administrator Melissa Rockwell and saying "tell him," at which point she confirmed that a little-known provision in state law allows any property owner in the county to file a tax appeal petition regarding any other property within the same county -- whether it's their own or someone else's.

"If I say I'm going to do it, I do it," Wolosky said. "It just happens that I'm the first person, as a third party, to file a tax appeal petition seeking an increase on someone -- and I decided to do it on the tax assessor and the township attorney.

We can see it now, a public hearing, a packed meeting.  The solar scammers undergoing a meticulous cross-examination led by Harvey Roseff -- being picked apart by follow-ups from Freeholders Rose, Snyder, and Weightman -- and then WALLOP, Freeholder Director Jesse Wolosky takes a club to their heads.  Now THAT would be something to see.

When you see Jesse Wolosky, thank him.  It is not every day that someone speaks truth to power so eloquently.