Gray-Gorman in hot water with Attorney General

Three complaints have filed with state prosecutors against the political campaign of Freeholder candidates David Gray and Kathleen Gorman.  Two complaints have been filed with the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey, and another was filed with the Sussex County Prosecutor. Watchdog received copies of the complaints and both the Attorney General's office and the County Prosecutor have acknowledged their receipt and have suggested that an investigation is in progress.



April 15, 2016


Hon. John Jay Hoffman,

Acting Attorney General

Office of The Attorney General 
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex 
8th Floor, West Wing
25 Market Street
Trenton, NJ 08625-0080


Dear Mr. Hoffman:


On Tuesday, March 30, 2016, an email was published and distributed purporting to be from George Graham.   George Graham did not send this email. It contained information designed to harm Freeholder Graham's candidacy and did not include a disclaimer.  Instead, a fake address was listed.


This email is similar in design and content to an earlier attack made against Freeholder Graham on February 23, 2016.  That email purported to be from a popular local blog.  The blog wrote a story denying any responsibility for this email.  Another case of impersonation?  Fortunately, that email listed Gravis Marketing, of Florida, as its source.  Gravis did political consulting work in Sussex County in 2015.  Its website is:


On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, an email was published and distributed purporting to be from a popular local blog (see attachment).  In common with the other emails, it contained a political attack on Freeholder Graham.  The following day, the blog wrote a story denying any responsibility for this email. 


In that story, the blog revealed the possible identities of those responsible (the blog post follows).


George Graham is currently being challenged by Byram attorney David Gray and Wantage resident Kathleen Gorman.  We believe that one or both might know the source of these attempts at impersonation and we ask that the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General ensure that this behavior ends.


We understand that New Jersey law prohibits the impersonation of a candidate:


NJSA 19:34-66. Knowing production, transmittal or dissemination of mass communication which appears to originate from or be on behalf of campaign of candidate for purpose of impeding campaign

No person shall knowingly produce, transmit or disseminate any election advertisement, literature or other mass communication in any medium, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, printed circulars, television, radio, movies, telephone, telegraph, billboards and signs, which purports to or appears to originate from, or be on behalf of, the campaign of a candidate for public office or party position, for the purpose of impeding the campaign of such candidate while failing to reveal specifically in such communication that he is acting under the instructions of, or on behalf of, another candidate or such other candidate's paid or volunteer campaign staff; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to any owner, manager, editor, publisher, reporter or employee of any newspaper, magazine, periodical or other publication or of any radio or television station who, in the course of his duties, publishes or broadcasts any such advertisement, literature or mass communication.

L.1975, c. 190, s. 3, eff. Aug. 16, 1975.


Gray - Gorman Paid Gravis Marketing