Watchdog agrees Gray & Gorman are liars

At 3 PM today, the campaign of David Gray and Kathleen Gorman sent out another email trying to impersonate this website.  They have done this throughout their campaign.

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FOR THE RECORD. . .  Watchdog isn't supporting any particular candidate in the June 7th Republican Primary.  We have found it necessary to step in because Freeholder candidates David Gray and Kathleen Gorman have used our name to disseminate information -- some which has been grossly false -- about their opponents, George Graham and Sylvia Petillo.


Now this is real dirt bag behavior and suggests to us that Gray and Gorman couldn't be trusted to honestly represent the people of Sussex County. Maybe they can't help it?  Maybe, like the Clintons, they were just born liars?  We don't know why and we would prefer it to be none of our business, but when Gray and Gorman use our name to attack others, it becomes our business.


So that is why each and every time they misrepresent us, we put out our own "corrective" to even the score.  It keeps Watchdog balanced, even-Steven.


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Oh, and did we mention that knucklehead David Gray is being sued by the office manager of his own law firm? 


Gray is being sued under New Jersey's Conscientious Employee Protection Act.  The plaintiff, Juliette Bresnahan, is a single-mother of three who worked full-time as the office manager of David Gray's law firm.   Here's what the lawsuit alleges: 


". . . around mid-October 2015, Gray informed Bresnahan that he received a tax bill for around $62,000.  Gray indicated that he was unsure how he would pay this bill. . .


. . . Gray's directive was aimed at intentionally falsifying and fraudulently increasing the bills to generate more revenue to the firm to extricate it from its current financial predicament."


Read the entire complaint against Gray here.