Oroho will address police beheading image

This offensive image was tweeted by an NFL player.  It made national news yesterday, followed by demands for action.


Word late this afternoon is that Senator Steve Oroho and other legislators will propose a resolution by the New Jersey Legislature to formally express its outrage and condemnation of this image.  We have hopes for its swift passage.


As we know, sports stars, particularly football players, are often held as role models by children and young adults.  The citizens of New Jersey, led by their Legislature, should make clear their collective position on such violent images aimed at the police officers who are our friends, family, and neighbors. 


While we cannot and should not attempt to ban free speech, even free speech that is disturbing, we can and should reply to such speech with speech.  A strong unambiguous condemnation will let the publishers of such images know that their efforts have backfired.