The Herald drops the ball on solar

On Sunday, the Herald editorialized about a working session with Senator Steve Oroho and elected local government officials.  The meeting has been called by the Senator to discuss suggestions and ideas on how road construction and other transportation projects might be accomplished less expensively and more efficiently.  The Herald would like to turn this meeting into a media circus so that they might write some salacious story to attract advertising dollars.  Senator Oroho is right to make it about the work that needs to be done.


While editorializing because they want to make Senator Oroho's working session about them, the Herald has completely neglected the Freeholder Board meeting being held the same night.  It seems that, after hearing that Oroho was holding his workshop, the Freeholder Board decided that the same night was perfect for holding its long-awaited update on the Sussex solar scam.


Not only didn't the Herald use its editorial page the Sunday before the meeting to drive members of the public to this very important meeting -- the Herald tried to publicly lobby Senator Oroho to open his working session up to the public to draw away people from the Freeholder Board meeting and allow some on the Board to claim public disinterest in the outcome of the $80 million taxpayer-funded scam. 


The Herald failed to comment on the Freeholder's agenda which allows for no public discussion of the solar scam.  It is unbelievable that the Herald missed the opportunity to draw public attention to this, and to demand that public comment be allowed at a public meeting. 


We will be reporting on this in depth, on Tuesday.