No-bid contract up at Wednesday Freeholder meeting

The forces who gave us the $80 million rip-off known as the solar scam have pulled-off another brilliant maneuver.  While orchestrating a hate campaign against Senator Steve Oroho -- and getting their dupes in the media and local government to focus on that -- they are bringing back the same lawyers who last year then-Freeholder (now Assemblywoman) Gail Phoebus said should have been fired for their mishandling of the solar project.

Instead of exposing this no-bid scheme, the NJ Herald has placed a media blackout on the Freeholder meeting -- scheduled for 6pm on Wednesday, July 27th -- and instead of reminding people to attend, suggested that they crash a private meeting being held miles away at the same time.

Below are the agenda items that the taxpayers of Sussex County should pay very close attention to: