Leaked Email: How Perez uses Herald to deliver attacks

Ever wonder why some things can be totally ignored by the New Jersey Herald, like last year's competitive Freeholder race, while others get detailed coverage even if there is no news to report?  Of course, the Herald plays favorites, and the most favored of those favorites are those who grant the newspaper government -mandated subsidies from the coffers of taxpayer funds.  Some months, those who handle the purse strings of county and local governments are what keeps some newspapers from laying off staff or closing their doors altogether. 


SCMUA commissioner Dan Perez is a politically connected Sussex County lawyer who counts Freeholder George Graham, Assemblyperson Gail Phoebus, New Jersey Herald attorney Kevin Kelly, and various New Jersey Herald reporters and staff among his confederates.  They share dirt on other prominent people in Sussex County and decide who to do the dirty to:


The way Perez handles the Herald is instructive, as in the following memo:

Now how is that for manipulating what the average consumer of the Herald reads and spinning the way he or she thinks?