Leaked Email: Perez sets Agenda/ who picked Boxer?

Ever wonder how the taxpayers of Sussex County ended up on the hook for a $500,000.00 contract to hire a New York City law firm?  Whose idea was it to hire the firm?  Did the selection process begin in the open, at the Freeholder Board meeting in Newton, or did it take place months earlier at a political campaign meeting about taking over the Freeholder Board?


In January 2016, one of the first acts of the incoming Freeholder Board under Freeholder Director George Graham was to hire a New York City law firm to conduct a review of the failed solar project in Sussex County.  As the New Jersey Herald reported on January 28, 2016:


A private investigation of Sussex County's embattled solar project, to be led by ex-State Comptroller Matthew Boxer, gained authorization Wednesday night.

In a 3-2 vote, the county freeholder board approved an agreement hiring Boxer and his firm, Lowenstein Sandler LLP. The review will take up to a year, with the payments by the county to the law firm capped at $500,000.


(Note that the review which was to "take up to a year" is still not completed.)


Did the choice of this firm emerge from the elected Freeholder Board, in open and public discussion?  Or did it come from somewhere else, long before the majority of those freeholders voting in favor of it were even elected?

"Post to a website"?  Whatever could he mean?


And what is with the urge to file ethics complaints against every other attorney in the county?  Clearing away the competition?  Good thing cooler political heads prevailed, reminding people that this was only a political campaign and that after the election the winning candidates will want to be friends again with those they defeated.  Those cooler political heads prevented some with darker intentions from attempting to destroy the personal and professional reputations of others. 


For those with darker intentions, it isn't enough to count the votes and win the election (which is all the political people are there for, after all).  But more on this later...