Innocent family "targeted" by Tea Party activist

It is the kind of thing no parent wants to see:  An aerial view of your family home with the words "target acquired" posted underneath and the statement, "got to love drones LOL," posted under that.

Last week, the organizer of a draft campaign committee for Gail Phoebus publicly posted personal details that he believed belonged to a "political consultant" who works in Sussex County.  But as with so much that comes from these people, the Phoebus campaigner -- who is also a key figure in the Skylands Tea Party of Sussex County -- got it all wrong.

The home "targeted" by the Phoebus campaigner/ Tea Party activist is in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and it belongs to a perfectly innocent family with young children.  It is not the home of the "political consultant" that Mr. Tea Party seems intent on injuring.

The proper officials have been contacted and they have assumed responsibility for notifying the family whose home was targeted so that they can be on their guard and report any unusual activity to law enforcement.  The property and surrounding area will also be monitored for any "drone" activity.    

The "political consultant" (who is, in fact, a free lance writer) has already been "targeted" by Andover Township with what has been alleged are false statements by municipal officials.  Watchdog has observed how a number of prominent individuals in Sussex County -- including Andover Township municipal officials, Freeholder George Graham, Assemblyperson Gail Phoebus, and the New Jersey Herald have attempted to stoke hatred towards this individual.  They will bear some responsibility if a nutcase gets motivated enough to act against this or another "target" of their hate.

One method of hate that Phoebus, Graham, and others have employed involves inflating the amount of money this free lance writer earns from working with people in Sussex County.  The fact is that his clients in Sussex County form only a small part of his employment.  A recent calculation made by an attorney affiliated with Andover Township indicated that this writer earned just $63,000 over 13 years from his principal client in Sussex County. 

Watchdog asks why $63,000 over 13 years (none of it taxpayer money, by the way) occupies more focus than the $500,000 over 1 year (all taxpayer money) that a law firm got... how?  Nobody seems to know, beyond the fact that they were very cozy with certain public officials in Andover Township and the County.  Maybe by stirring up hate over the former these officials hope taxpayers will forget that they are paying for the latter?  And why has the Herald allowed itself to become part of this hate campaign?

What is particularly noteworthy in all this is that Mr. Tea Party who posted the personal information (used to "target" another human being) is a state worker, a New Jersey public employee.  And the Facebook post was made in the middle of the work day.  And this state employee earns more in a year than the writer he targeted earned in 13 years from his Sussex County client.  Add a New Jersey public employee pension and benefits on top of that.

Instead of listening to the hate talk of scheming politicians.  Instead of sitting around on Facebook and playing with drones.  Instead of making "targets" of both people who you dislike as well as perfectly innocent families you don't even know.  Try doing the job that the taxpayers pay you to do.