Leaked Letter: Who negotiated solar contract?

We learned last week from a leaked email that political consultant/ attorney Dan Perez was discussing the hiring of a New York City law firm to look into the failed solar project long before the Freeholders who voted for it were even elected.  Here is the email from April 2015, months before the Freeholders who voted for the contract were elected (their primary was in June 2015 and they were elected in November 2015).  Check out item number 5:

Freeholder Richard Vohden asked much the same question in January 2016, when the contract to give the New York City lawyer firm a $500,000.00 blank check from the taxpayers of Sussex County came up for a vote.  Freeholder Vohden asked a simple question:  Who was involved in negotiating the $500,000.00 taxpayer-funded contract that they were about to hand over to a NYC law firm?  It doesn't appear as though Freeholder Vohden was ever provided with an answer.

January 2016 was an important month for some.  It was the month that this NYC law firm got a $500,000.00 contract from the taxpayers of Sussex County and it was the month that Freeholder George Graham engineered the replacement, as SCMUA commissioner, of a long-time Sussex County Republican with Dan Perez, who is decidedly not a keeper of the GOP flame.


It should be remembered that Perez himself came from a well-connected New York City law firm with a decidedly Leftist perspective.  Perez got his start under that old Marxist William Kunstler -- who was the lawyer for the Marxist Weather Underground terrorist movement  and the Marxist Black Panther Party.   Kunstler did not believe that Republicans and other "right-wingers" should be defended and famously said:  "I only defend those whose goals I share. I'm not a lawyer for hire. I only defend those I love."


Having clerked for Kunstler, after he died Perez would continue with and later become managing partner in a firm with Ron Kuby, Kunstler's old partner.  At the time of Kunstler's death, he and Kuby were defending Omar Abdel-Rahman ("the Blind Sheik") for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.


Stay tuned...