Bill Maher's response to liberals like Meghan Gill

Liberals like Montclair's Meghan Gill are attempting to bring Berkeley-style political correctness to Sussex County.  Their vision is to make Sussex County one big politically correct "safe zone" in which your private conversations are policed by agents of a local Stasi, armed with recording devices.

If you want to know who the Stasi were, check out Wikipedia:


On 8 February 1950, East Germany saw the establishment of the Ministry for State Security (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit), commonly known as the Stasi.  The Stasi sought to "know everything about everyone". Its annual budget has been estimated at approximately $1 billion.  Out of a population of 16 million, the agency kept files on nearly 6 million of its citizens.  

The Stasi had 90,000 full-time employees who were assisted by 170,000 full-time unofficial collaborators (Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter); together these made up 1 in 63 (nearly 2%) of the entire East German population. Together with these, a much larger number of occasional informers brought up the total to 1 per 6.5 persons.  

People in East Germany were subjected to a variety of techniques, including audio and video surveillance of their homes, reading mail, extortion, and bribery.


Gill, a Democrat Party operative and Montclair State college instructor, questions the idea of a private conversation.  If you are out and about, she apparently believes that you should be monitored and that anyone has the right to invade your privacy, and post it on the Internet. 


She demands that you are offended, even if you are not offended.  Like the two Democrat women who were actually party to the conversation Gill wants you to be offended about.


And like most modern "liberals," Meghan Gill is so politically correct, so breathlessly offended, so serious in her need to find and take offense, that she appears to have not just misplaced, but lost her sense of humor.  That's a pity.  Perhaps if she looks real hard for it on campus, she will find it again.  But we doubt it.