Is the Herald censoring letters to the editor?

Several people have complained to our contributors that the New Jersey Herald is refusing to print letters to the editor that they submit.  From the complaints it appears that the letters blocked are those that oppose the Democrat ticket this year -- especially Democrat Freeholder candidate Dan Perez -- and those that discuss school consolidation. 


We don't know why the Herald would do this, if indeed, they are doing it.  At the same time, those doing the complaining are very solid citizens, so we have no reason to doubt them either.


The Herald is not a blog.  It is a newspaper that is underwritten by the taxpayers of Sussex County.  The State makes taxpayers underwrite the private corporation that owns the Herald by mandating that county and local governments spend property tax revenues to advertise government notices in the Herald.  In the era of the Internet, most argue that forcing taxpayers to spend money on print advertising is out-of-date, inefficient, and a waste of taxpayers' money.


So you do have skin in the game.  And as the Herald gets your tax dollars to support its private, profit-making enterprise -- you have every right to complain if you feel the coverage you are receiving isn't fair or if you feel you are being ignored.


Here's how to make your voice heard.


You can write to the publisher of the Herald:


Mr. Keith Flinn


New Jersey Herald

2 Spring Street

Newton, NJ 07860


Or you can write to the out-of-state corporation that owns the Herald:


Mr. Ralph M. Oakley

Quincy Media Corporation
130 South 5th Street

Quincy, IL 62306


Please let us know if this helps to resolve your problems.