Hamilton's lies. But lawyers are no good at math.

Look, we all get that it is election time and politicians -- even wannabe politicians like Democrat Jennifer Hamilton -- are going to twist the truth in an effort to appear more attractive to voters.  But when smiles and earnest lip pursing doesn't work, it's down to lies.

Hamilton's latest lie is her claim that the average household in Sussex County is paying $500 more for gasoline than it has in the past.  Well, the sale of gasoline is a very regulated industry, and there are agencies that closely monitor these things, and they produced a graph.  Here's what it shows:

Yes, we are paying less today for gasoline at the pump than we did in 2015. 

And because Sussex County has received funding from the Transportation Trust Fund to repair its roads and bridges, property taxes won't have to go up an additional $600 per household to cover those costs.  Hey, it's not all Hamilton's fault.  Instead of taking accounting courses in college she skipped them and learned how to be a social worker instead.  Then she went to law school.  Ouch!  No wonder she can't tell the truth.

Heck, this lady told the newspaper in Morris County (the Chronicle) that she supported raising the gas tax to fund the Transportation Trust Fund, then turned around and told the newspaper in Sussex County (the Herald) that she opposed it.  Good thing she is blessed with a wide smile -- the better to talk out of both sides of her mouth with.

Jennifer Hamilton affects to complain about the imbalance in state funding for education -- but then supports the Abbott decision which is the cause of that imbalance.  Hamilton stands with her party, the Democrats, and her nominee for Governor, Phil Murphy, in their promise to continue that imbalance.  Only a Republican-controlled Legislature will pass Senator Mike Doherty's Fair School Funding Act, which will reduce property taxes by providing every child with a basic level of school funding.

Only a Republican-controlled Legislature will put a Question on the ballot to strip control of school funding away from the unelected State Judiciary and give it back to the elected Legislature.  Of course, Hamilton disagrees with this.  She is, after all, both a creature of her party and of the courts.  While Republicans like Senator Steve Oroho are fighting to get more for Sussex County, Hamilton's party is opposing them.  While Senator Oroho was bringing back resources for Sussex County, lawyer Hamilton was representing criminals.

From all reports, Jennifer Hamilton is a fair-to-middling criminal defense attorney but as a candidate for public office, she is an absolute disaster.  Hey, somebody give the lady a calculator.  At the Ogdensburg debate, Hamilton maintained that she wanted to cut taxes -- and then outlined billions in new government spending she insisted was necessary.  Before it was over, she agreed with her running mates that the following new taxes should be imposed:

- A $5.5 billion tax hike by revoking tax cuts on employers.  This will be great for jobs, won't it?

- A $650 million income tax hike on high earners.

- A $2 billion tax hike by reinstituting the job-killing, small-business killing estate tax.

- And untold millions through a new "special" tax on yet to be determined products that the Democrats consider to be "luxuries."  The last such tax killed the boat-building in New Jersey, so good luck with that.

As a candidate for public office, Democrat Jennifer Hamilton is a mess.  She talks before she thinks, doesn't get her facts right, promises more spending while saying she'll cut taxes, and then agrees with her running mates that raising taxes by an additional $8.5 billion will help jobs and the economy in New Jersey. Maybe that callous disregard gets by in the courtroom, but don't try it with the people of Sussex County.