Democrat Hamilton's lies continued. . .

At last evening's debate, Democrat legislative candidate Jennifer Hamilton pulled some facts out of... thin air?  Or her bottom?  We can't tell where they came from, but we can tell they have been made up.

Once again, there is data on this.  Perhaps they should go back to teaching the philosophical underpinnings of "truth" at law school -- or at least hone wannabe lawyers' research skills -- because if Jennifer Hamilton is a representation of this new breed of lawyer, you don't want her in the Legislature or the Judiciary.

In this case, the data is from the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

And the data is pretty clear.  Jennifer Hamilton lied -- again -- when she made the false claim that last year's gas tax increase is costing the average household $500 more for gas each year.  First of all, gasoline prices are lower today than they were in 2015, as this graph clearly shows, so nobody is paying more for gasoline than they have in the past.

Yes, we are clearly paying less today for gasoline at the pump than we did in 2015. 

So now let's examine Hamilton's $500-per-year figure.  According to the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority's latest data the total "Vehicle Miles Traveled" per day in the county is 3,113,131.  And the total number of housing units for Sussex County are 62,057.

If you divide those 3,113,131 miles travelled by those 62,057 housing units, you  get 50.17 miles per housing unit per day (on average). 

 Multiplying 50.17 miles per day by 365 equals 18,312 miles driven by the average housing unit per year in Sussex County.  If the overall price of gasoline had not declined, the New Jersey Department of Transportation's data indicates that the gas tax increase would have cost an additional 1 cent per mile.  At one cent-per-mile that comes to $183.12 per year.  NOT the $500 figure belched out at the debate by Democrat Hamilton. 

Hamilton lied.

And in any case, gas prices at the pump have gone down since 2015, not up.