McCann: "I got to stop drinking in the morning."

Yep, that is what John McCann said as he -- the candidate who hopes to take on Democrat Josh Gottheimer -- stumbled about, mistaking the Sheriff he had invited to his Saturday kick-off for a Democrat Mayor.  That was his excuse, "...drinking in the morning."  No kidding.  It is in his video, posted on YouTube, about twelve minutes into his speech.  Oh well, if you say so.


Candidate John McCann is a shambolic mess.


He had a member of the notorious Zisa family... yep, the liberal niece of far-left Democrat Loretta Weinberg's former running mate, up front, running the event for him.   Remarkable.


The Bergen Record correctly reported "scores" of supporters -- not the inflated numbers reported by the former house blog of the Christie for Governor campaign.  But then half of those were Democrats.  The candidate even acknowledged them as Democrats and told a shambling story about how he had apologized his "fault" for running a campaign critical of Democrats in 1995.  Wow, is that an asshole move or what?  You run at the height of Bill Clinton's madness and you apologize for calling out the Democrats?  Donna Brazile would make a better GOP candidate.  At least she's not afraid to call out the Clintons.


But it got worse.  McCann actually mocked people who get involved in politics because they believe in something.  He publically eschewed right wing and left wing -- instead he came up with a new way to describe people like him:  The Chicken Wing of the GOP.  And what does the Chicken Wing stand for?  It stands for getting paid.  It is no big deal for a member of the Chicken Wing of the GOP to be employed by a Democrat office-holder.  The Chicken Wing exists to make its members some dough and they don't let principles or things like party loyalty or right and wrong get in the way of that.  That's the GOP's Chicken Wing and every elected official -- other than the Democrats, of course -- present at Saturday's kick-off will be made to explain, at some strategic point in time, why he or she is down with the Chicken Wing.  Let's hope they don't choke on the bone.


Like the noisy guy at the end of the bar, candidate McCann rambled on and on bragging that he invented health care or some shit like that and that he was the founder of the property tax cap -- even though he wasn't around when it was passed, had nothing to do with it, and none of the legislators who actually passed it even remotely remember his name in connection with it.  In what became an extended rant encompassing a lot of unconnected thoughts, McCann claimed that there is no difference between the family values of a Roman Catholic and an Islamic fundamentalist.  Has he never heard of honor killings, arranged marriages, or child brides?  Yeah, those are "family values" in some places.  Hey, in Mecca, you can get your head cut off for being gay -- in Vatican City... no.


But it is all the same to John McCann who is perhaps the most well-educated idiot running for office who we have ever had the delight to cover.  This isn't the shallow end of the pool we're talking about here -- this is sitting in a bowl of your own piss and calling it the shallow end of the pool.  You see, ideas don't matter to John McCann.  Differences in ideology or theology or party loyalty don't matter to John McCann -- only the scam matters, the deal, the money.


Which brings us to his campaign's lack of it, money.  As the Record put it:  "Gottheimer, a former Clinton political aide from Wyckoff, spent $4.7 million to unseat Garrett. Garrett spent $4.3 million.  'If you’re running for Congress in the 5th District, you have to raise $2 million at a minimum,' said Dr. Benjamin Dworkin, director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Rider College.  Dworkin said the 5th was one of only four congressional districts nationwide which switched from Republican to Democrat in 2016.   McCann said Saturday he has yet to raise any money."


Why would he?  McCann's candidacy seems to be designed by the Democrats and run by the Democrats to do nothing but screw up the Republican primary.


How so?  Remember the Democrats' reaction to Steve Lonegan's announcement?  They attacked him from the DCCC in Washington, DC, and from Gottheimer's home base in Wyckoff and they have kept on attacking him -- in emails, press releases, fundraising letters.  That's what you do when you face an opponent you are afraid of. 


And what do the Democrats make of John McCann?  Not a word.  Not even a barely suppressed yawn.  Why should they?  As the Record noted in its opening line:  "John McCann, the attorney and longtime right-hand man to Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino." 


That's Michael Saudino -- the Democrat Sheriff of Bergen County.  McCann is his right-hand man.  He is one of them.


In Sussex County, every person holding state or county office had to first pass through a Republican primary in order to get there.  Sussex County isn't Bergen County.  Backing someone because he works for another office holder isn't going to cut it in a Republican primary.  Especially when that office holder is a liberal Democrat.  Just saying.