Hamilton needs to choose a side

Democrat Jennifer Hamilton ran a campaign in which she stood side-by-side with her ideological running mates for the photo-ops but then quickly scurried away to assure her GOP "friends" that she was really one of them... except on the issue of abortion.  She is pro-abortion.  

Hamilton campaigned this way and not just where party identification is concerned.  She managed to be on both sides of the tax restructuring package that funded the Transportation Trust Fund, raised the gas tax, and cut or eliminated a host of other taxes (included the Estate Tax).  She claimed to want to fund the TTF, but opposed the means to do so (and offered nothing in place of it).  She claimed to want to cut property taxes, while turning over responsibility for funding local road and bridge maintenance to municipal and county governments -- a move that would raise property taxes an average of $600 a year.  

Hamilton offered very little beyond conflicting sentiments and slogans designed to ingratiate herself with whatever audience was on hand at the moment.  The vacuous habits of her effort put us in mind of this memorable line from the 1997 film, "As Good As It Gets."  Enjoy: