Skylands Tea Party meeting turns into therapy session

They could have discussed how to help advance the agenda of President Donald Trump:  Illegal immigration, terrorism, rebuilding America...

But that would have been too positive.  Instead of moving forward, Skylands Tea Party boss Bill Hayden hogged the valuable time of those present at last night's meeting with a long rant about how much he hates conservative writer Bill Winkler. 

Yes.  This turned into one of those "anger therapy" sessions.

Inexplicably, some would say insanely, the Skylands Tea Party group allowed Bill Hayden to attack two guests at their meeting, Assemblyman Parker Space and his wife, GOP State Committeewoman Jill Space.  Jill Space is also the Vice Chair of the Sussex GOP.  She chaired the Trump campaign in Sussex County and was elected to go the Republican National Convention last year as a delegate for Donald Trump.

There should be no substantive policy disagreements between the Tea Party and Assemblyman Space.  But you can't have anger therapy, without the anger...

So Hayden manufactured one.  He demanded that he gets to pick and choose who Assemblyman Space hires to run his campaign.  As it happens, Bill Winkler managed the Assemblyman's successful upset win for Freeholder in 2010, as well as his two successful runs for Assembly in 2013 and 2015.  Here in America, we reward success.

Not in Bill Hayden's world.  Bill Hayden has been pimping for Freeholder George Graham, who has his own political consulting business:

This isn't the first time that the Tea Party in Sussex County has demanded that the LD24 legislators fire Bill Winkler and hire someone else.  In 2011, the same exact shakedown was attempted by the Tea Party on behalf of a former liberal state senator-turned consultant who wanted the business.  They threatened that if they didn't get their way, Mark Quick would run for the Assembly.  Their consultant wasn't hired and Quick ran and got 3 percent of the vote.

Fast-forward to last night and there was the Tea Party -- in the person of Bill Hayden -- demanding that Winkler be fired (and Graham be hired) and there was Mark Quick again, threatening to run for the Assembly.  Haven't any of these people heard of a "restraint of trade" lawsuit?

Restraint of trade is an economic injury that involves interfering with another person’s ability to do business freely.  Restraint of trade is part of antitrust law, but the topic covers a wide range of activities, that include forcing or coercing someone to quit doing business or to change their business so as not to compete in the market; agreeing to fix prices to drive other competitors out of business; tortious interference with a contract or business agreement that negatively affects someone else’s ability to do business freely.  In short, a “restraint of trade” is any activity that hinders someone else from doing business in the way that he would normally do it if there were no restraints.  While federal, state, and local governments can pass laws and regulations that create obstacles for certain kinds of businesses, it is generally considered improper for individuals to restrain one another’s trade in certain ways.  Someone who loses business or suffers another injury may have a tort case against another individual whose trade-restraining behavior injured him.

We don't know if Bill Hayden is in line for a "finder's fee" for strong-arming the legislators into firing Winkler and hiring someone like Graham, but understand that what happened at last night's meeting was recorded and that it is already on its way to legal counsel.  It is quite unambiguous.  While the Skylands Tea Party is certainly free to do whatever it wants, it should avoid becoming a party to Bill Hayden's actions, unless it genuinely wants to be.

Bill Hayden has never met Bill Winkler, but he has "targeted" him:


Hayden, a self-styled "tough guy" posts crap like this on people he's never met but then goes straight to "victimhood" when challenged.  What did Clint Eastwood call this?  "The pussy generation?"

The mantra is "free speech for me but not for you."


(The tutu of victimhood)

When assuming the "tutu" of victimhood, Bill Hayden appears to forget that it was he who posted what he thought was an aerial view of Winkler's home on Facebook -- in the middle of his work day as a state employee.  But with his usual incompetence, Hayden got it all wrong and actually posted the neighboring home of an innocent family with young children. 

Yep, the idiot "targeted" the wrong people.

As Hayden explained it, he was afraid that his boss might see it or that some law enforcement agency might contact the New Jersey Department of Transportation, where he works, so he went to his boss with what he had done.  We don't know what his boss did, but shortly thereafter, Hayden began claiming that he was in trouble, and that Winkler had gone to his boss -- a total fabrication and lie. 

But this is what those who wish to wear the "tutu of victimhood" do.  They always have to blame someone else for their own lack of good sense.  By the way, that's what liberals do.

And that is why Bill Hayden hates Bill Winkler.

And that is why he subjected the members of the Skylands Tea Party to an hour long rant about it.

Someone should tell him that it is a political organization, not a therapy session.