Assembly candidate Quick takes the low road

Assembly Candidate Mark Quick

There was a reason the members of the Skylands Tea Party threw Mark Quick out of their organization.  Quick talks violently and uses foul and pornographic language to describe anyone who happens to disagree with him.  The Skylands Tea Party got tired of it, so they voted to toss him from their meetings.

Somehow the new leaders of the group neglected to remember this and they've invited him back.  Possibly because Quick is running on a legislative ticket that includes Gail Phoebus and Morris County politician David Scapicchio. 

Quick is fond of posting threats likes these on Facebook:

We don't understand how Phoebus, who often adopts a proto-feminist line when dealing with male Republicans, ended up recruiting Quick to run on a ticket with her.  Quick certainly claims she did.  It will be a curious campaign, with Phoebus blaming all her troubles on "white male privilege" while Quick contents himself with the kind of language featured below:

Yes, he is a candidate for public office.  Sigh.

Stay tuned...