Skylands attacks solar whistleblower for Graham

The hand of Graham -- Freeholder George Graham -- was obvious in the latest attack from the Skylands crew.  It singles out solar whistleblower Harvey Roseff for abuse and attacks him in a very personal way. 

Curiously, Skylands' abusive post mirrors language used by Freeholder Graham to describe Mr. Roseff, a Sussex County taxpayer who became an activist.  On the issue of the failed solar program, the Skylands group takes the same snarky, overly-defensive posture that the Freeholder Board under Graham does:

Harvey is painfully long winded... He can write endlessly about solar without really explaining it at all. He began pontificating under the Herald comments and even began inserting himself as an expert without any credentials. It took a while, but the Herald finally saw through him and stopped taking his calls. He would contact anyone associated with the county, rambling on about how he knew everything about solar... As Ralph Kramden often would say; “I have a BIG MOUTH!” So does Harvey.

And who but a reporter -- or legal counsel -- would have such inside knowledge of what goes on at the Herald?

Why is citizen Harvey Roseff being attacked?  Well, it is no secret that Roseff has questioned George Graham and the Sussex County Freeholder Board over the delayed and expensive (a half million dollars) report on how the Freeholders allowed Sussex County to lose as much as $40 million in taxpayers' money.

And for this, Harvey Roseff has been attacked by Skylands Tea Party members and the county politicians they answer to.  Sad, isn't it?