Workers blame Phoebus for losing jobs

We were asked to publish the story of five area residents who formerly worked for Assemblyperson Gail Phoebus at the country club she owns.  The former employees of the Farmstead Golf and Country Club contacted Watchdog.  One employee identified herself and forwarded a statement and the letter of dismissal from Farmstead.  This is an excerpt from that statement:

The former employees believed that their ages played a role in their firing.  They believe that the legislator's actions "speaks to her character."  Referring to Phoebus' firing of her legislative staff before Thanksgiving and to the further attempts to destroy their reputations and ability to earn an income to provide for their families, the statement notes that "this behavior with Gail Phoebus is nothing new.  She has been treating people badly for quite some time."

In response to accusations that were posted and distributed about legislative staff by members of the Skylands Tea Party group, the Office of Legislative Services (OLS) last week issued a formal statement saying that EVERY accusation made against the innocent staff workers was wholly false and without any basis whatsoever.  In other words, it was all made up.  A fantasy designed to destroy the livelihoods of human beings, their spouses, and their children.

In fairness to Assemblyperson Phoebus, last week Watchdog offered to publish her response to the above statement by her employees, unedited.  Instead of a straightforward response for us to print, her campaign circulated rumors that suggested blame be placed elsewhere and that she was away at the time -- this time not at the Colorado ranch but in sunny Florida.

When will she own up?