Candidate registered to vote under two names

In February, Assembly candidate David Atwood told a group of Republican voters that he was a "new voice for the Republican Party."  Yes, very new.


Atwood had only registered Republican on January 11, 2017.  He had moved to Sussex County in 2012 and since had only voted in two elections. 


But he hadn't voted as David Atwood.  No, for most of his life, David Atwood was legally David Wygonski.  When he lived in Illinois he was David Wygonski, and for most of the time he lived in New Jersey he was David Wygonski. 


In fact, even after changing his name to David Atwood, he continued to be registered at his former address in Sussex County as David Wygonski.  In effect, he was counted twice on the voter rolls under two different names, at two different addresses.


No kidding.  As of February 10, 2017, he was an "active" voter at two different addresses under two different names (see below):

About the time David Wygonski became David Atwood, he decided to run for office and began making much of his "blueblood" heritage on Facebook posts, bragging about how his ancestors came over on the Mayflower and such.  He even tried to pick a fight with Parker Space over how long the Space family has been in Sussex County (answer:  A lot longer than the Wygonski family or Atwood family or whatever it is he is calling himself this week).


So we have this brand new "Republican" -- who got a new name along with his new party -- running as a self-proclaimed "blueblood" elitist.  It is the strangest campaign launch that we've ever seen.