The pornographic politics of W.J. Hayden

Photo Credit: New Jersey HeraldWhy would any self-respecting Republican or Republican organization lend its name to promote the antics of William Jefferson Hayden.  True, he got a little over 100 signatures and qualified for a place on the ballot.  To do so, he got some people to switch to Republican to circulate his petitions.  That said, he is a qualified candidate, but only because the threshold for ballot access is so low.


David Duke was a qualified candidate for public office too.  So was Lyndon LaRouche.  So was the Byram cannibal, Councilman Rick Meltz.  So was murder-for-hire Freeholder candidate Chris Thieme.  They all got more than a hundred signatures too.  Nut jobs, the bunch of them. 


Our objection to W. J. "Bill" Hayden is that he is crude, pornographic, and juvenile.  His very involvement in the process brings disrepute to the process and disrespect to the people and party organizations that have anything to do with him.


Just to introduce him, is to affirm that you accept all his Facebook posted comments about "grabbing pussy" or "guns and pussy."  It is to affirm all his lewd antics -- aimed largely at Republicans and conservatives -- like photo-shopping the faces of prominent Sussex County Republicans onto vaginas. 


To acknowledge Hayden celebrates his terroristic Facebook post of an aerial view of what he thought was the house of a political opponent with the words "target acquired" underneath.  It turned out to be the wrong house and the home of an innocent family with children. 


To promote Hayden or his team in any way means that you say it is OK to post pictures of your handguns on Facebook on the same page you use to threaten people.  It is to say that it is OK to claim to have handed out Halloween candy to children from a candy bowl stuffed with automatic magazines and Glock handguns.  How does this stupid, childish behavior help the Republican Party and the conservative cause?  It does enormous damage to the cause of the Second Amendment because it makes its supporters look like cartoon characters and gives our opponents ammunition they otherwise would not have.


To promote Hayden is to say that you believe it is OK for a non-profit group like the Tea Party to be hijacked by a pair of poseurs and turned into their personal vehicle for self-promotion.  Haven't we seen this already happen in Sussex County -- with the League of Municipalities? 


To promote Hayden is to say that it is OK for the Tea Party to block conservative Republican Assemblyman Parker Space and his family -- after humiliating them at a meeting to which they were invited as guests of said group.  That snarky New York City lawyer, Douglas Amedeo, president of the group, plays at inviting the Assemblyman and his family back, but does so on a Facebook page from which Mr. and Mrs. Space have been blocked by Amedeo.  Cute trick.  Typical lawyer.


To promote Hayden is to say that you celebrate hate and reject rational discussion.  But hey, if someone really, really believes that photo-shopping faces onto vaginas is the way to get things done -- then William Jefferson Hayden is right up your alley.