The Herald's hypocrisy - no pay, no read.

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If you are not a subscriber to the New Jersey Herald, you don't get to participate.  And the buy-in price to participate is pretty high at $156.00 a year.  But that is what it costs if you want access to the Herald.  You have to be a member.  You have to pay to be a member.  And once a paid member, you have to follow all the crazy rules laid down by Editor Bruce Tomlinson. 


The Herald looks forward to hearing from its readers, so please enjoy our website by using the certain criteria outlined to you and remember that when the moon is full you can only use your nickname but if it is raining you can't use your last name but if it is sunny you can only comment by text from a landline held over your head but then only if you explain how your parents met but then not on Thursday and again not on Tuesday but three times on Mondays when the clouds are lower and the crow flies high but you may post only under your blood type and then only in June.  And please do remember not to know any elected officials or grocers or rat catchers or fashion designers or any other human being involved in any form of behavior not prescribed and not proscribed but absolved unto thee and thou and dem and does, forthwith.

That's the Herald.  It has its rules.  But nobody else is allowed to have their rules.

Take the Sussex County Republican Committee for example.


The Herald thinks that socialists should have full access to any event put on by the GOP.  Never mind that it is a membership organization whose sole goal is to promote the platform and candidates of the Republican Party.  Never mind that its events cost money and that Republicans have to contribute so that the party has the money to put on those events.  The Herald believes that everything should be "open to all" -- only not the Herald.  There you gotta pay or... hit the road.


So when a candidate has been kindly invited to an event -- paid for by Sussex County Republicans -- and then announces that he is going to turn that event into a press conference to endorse someone, then yes, he is going to be asked to be a polite guest or the invitation will be withdrawn.  We've all been to weddings where some bore wanted to be the center of attention and the people who hosted the wedding, who paid for the wedding, had to step in.


The Sussex County Republican Committee is like a long-suffering aunt who invites an errant nephew to a formal gathering only to find him attempting to "entertain" those present with fart jokes.  At recent Republican events, some of the people to whom the Sussex GOP has kindly extended invitations to attend have actually brought with them to those events Green Party socialists who hate the GOP and especially hate Donald Trump.  One such "tag-along" came sporting a motorcycle helmet and a diaper pin and was ready to do battle with the Trumpists.  One is actually running against the GOP candidates this November.  Who pulls crap like that anyway?


It's like the wedding crashers meet the Sussex GOP.  One constant among all these wannabes is that they generally don't vote.  William Jefferson Hayden doesn't vote.  David Atwoodski doesn't vote either -- and he has two names to vote with!  And the freak show that they bring along with them should be seen to be believed.  Sure, a few have run for office before -- but never as Republicans!  So how come the Herald thinks that they should get the key to the GOP County committee just for showing up?


Free access.  The Herald doesn't do it.  So why should the Sussex County Republican Committee?