Hayden lies, fails to own up, trips himself up again

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Bill Hayden has not had a LEGAL High School Diploma in over 20 Years.

Yes, we get it that Bill Hayden doesn't have any educational achievements.  Still, he should understand that, once awarded, a degree doesn't go away. 

We get it that Bill Hayden doesn't have any military achievements.  Still, he should understand that, once awarded, a decoration -- whether for service or valor -- does not go away. 

If Bill Hayden had earned admission to an institution of higher learning, he would know that certified public accountants must have 150 semester units of college education, one year of accounting related experience, and then pass a rather tough test called the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.  Then you are awarded your CPA accreditation.

Some CPA's go on to other specific practices, as in the case of Senator Steve Oroho.  These practices are built upon the foundation of the CPA accreditation, but require different, more advanced, testing.  In such cases, the CPA will hold these advanced accreditations, but the fact that the CPA accreditation was achieved does not go away -- as the educationally challenged Mr. Hayden seems to believe.

Here is how we got here:

On Friday, Hayden decided to spread a little dirt on Steve Oroho by questioning his credentials.  That's a hoot coming from someone with none.

William J. Hayden (AKA Bill Hayden, Dell Hayden, Skylands Patriot ) is an 18 year public employee of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  He works as a supervisor, based in Trenton, where he pockets a salary and extras more each year than any legislator earns -- plus full benefits and a pension.  Hayden is a member of the CWA -- one of the most liberal unions in America.

He doesn't vote much.  He made it last November, but the last time before that was 2010.  Now he thinks we should give him a second public job -- as our legislator. 

Here's what Hayden wrote on his Skylands blog:

"First; we went on the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs website. There we found that a Steven Oroho from Mt. Laurel signed up to take a test in 2012, but never went any further. We then checked with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. No luck there. We then checked the entire CPA roster in New Jersey and in New York…nope. No Steven Oroho. We think that the Senator has some explaining to do."

Unlike Hayden, Watchdog has the intellectual capacity to actually read and, if Hayden had actually read the age of the "Steven Oroho from Mt. Laurel" who signed up to take the test, he should have figured out that it was the Senator's son -- Steven Oroho Jr. 

So now Hayden and company is trashing the Oroho family.

And just so you fully understand who you are trashing, let us remind you.  Young Steven is a veteran of the war to liberate Iraq.  He signed-up for it and served four years in the United States Army, rising to the rank of sergeant.  While Hayden was playing video games in his bunker, young Steve Oroho was on the line, fighting to keep our nation's actual enemies at bay. 

And yes, young Steve Oroho did eventually take that CPA test and pass and he also took a test to be a Certified Fraud Examiner, which he passed as well.  With the likes of Hayden, a certified fraud examiner is just what we need.

As for old Steve Oroho - Steve Sr. - Senator Steve Oroho, he has been a CPA since 1982.  We reached out to the Senator's campaign and they graciously forwarded us a copy of his license. 


But that wasn't enough for a thug like Hayden, he had to go after the women too.  He had to drag Mrs. Oroho into it too.  He put up this Facebook post over the weekend:


Once again, this idiot flat out lies.  The truth is that Rita Mary Oroho -- Senator Oroho's daughter -- is a CPA.  Yes, there are three CPA's in the Oroho family:  Steve Sr., Steve Jr., and Rita Mary.  But not Mrs. Rita Oroho.  She is not a CPA.

The lies spread by Hayden and his Skylands Patriot website have already been responsible for the end of one political career, that of Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus.  The whopper Skylands told about the district office lockdown and OLS destroyed her credibility in Trenton and left colleagues questioning her state of mind.  It was downhill from there. 

Anyone working with the Skylands website -- and that goes for a couple of low key Freeholders -- should be aware that you cannot treat the family members of candidates the way you treat candidates.  They are not necessarily public figures. 

Sadly, we note that Hayden has tried to use his own wife to post on Facebook in defense of his lies.  That is very disappointing as she is a nice lady.  The best thing Hayden could do would be to apologize to these women for dragging them into his stupid attempt to falsely malign a husband and a father.  Hayden's followers should demand that Hayden apologize. 

Bill Hayden certainly has every right to operate his own blog, although he should provide a disclaimer now that he is a candidate for public office.  And while we welcome the presence of more blogs in Sussex County and Northwest New Jersey, you cannot just make things up.  It brings down the entire enterprise.  Just a friendly reminder, blog-to-blog.