What do Democrat women think of Tea Party sex talk?

We all remember the outrage last October when the Clinton campaign released a tape recording of a conversation between Donald Trump and media celebrity Billy Bush.   The tape had been made years before and without Trump's knowledge, but he was attacked over and over again for merely saying the words that he had never intended the public to hear.

Of course, there are those juvenile elements among our citizenry who -- when they hear trash talk -- can't help themselves and make it their own.  New Jersey Department of Transportation employee Bill Hayden, a CWA public employee union member and the Vice President of the Skylands Tea Party group, heard the phrase Trump used and couldn't stop himself from saying it and posting it and celebrating it.  He went nuts! 

Now Hayden is running in the Republican primary to "soften up" conservative Republican Senator Steve Oroho so that liberal Democrat Senate candidate Jennifer Hamilton has a better chance of winning the election in November.  It is the same tag team approach employed by Hayden-supporter and Tea Party member Peter Vallorosi when he beat up conservative Republican Congressman Scott Garrett on behalf of liberal Democrat Josh Gottheimer.  It worked in 2016 so maybe it will work again.

Tonight, Bill Hayden and the Skylands Tea Party will be promoting the candidacy of Democrat Jennifer Hamilton.  The liberal has been invited to address the Tea Party group and Hayden, who trashed conservative Republican Assemblyman Parker Space at the Tea Party's February meeting, will be on hand as the group's Vice President.

The one question we have for Jennifer Hamilton and her two Democrat Assembly running mates is this:  How did you feel or do you feel about Donald Trump's comments to Billy Bush?  And how do you feel about Bill Hayden's use of them?

Here are just a few examples: