Dems use Graham to run Hayden, Orr, Atwoodski

Left/liberal Democrat Phil Murphy's plans to flip Sussex County from Trump red to Clinton/Obama blue got a major boost when Freeholder George Graham, a nominal member of the GOP, agreed to direct the campaign of Hayden, Orr, and Atwoodski.  The three are running in the GOP primary to "soften up" conservative Republicans Steve Oroho, Parker Space, and Hal Wirths.  It is the same method used last year to take down conservative Republican Congressman Scott Garrett.


Graham, a longtime political consultant to Hudson County Democrats, has an interesting pedigree to say the least.  Back when Graham was a local elected official in Stanhope, he switched from Republican to Democrat in order to vote in the 2008 Democrat presidential primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Graham had been a Democrat before switching to Republican but later switched back to Republican, his current party today.  Just so everyone is straight, Graham went from D to R to D to R.


Graham's political consulting business, York Strategies, worked to elect liberal Democrat legislators like Bayonne mayor Joe Doria.  A committed leftie, Doria is still on the campaign trail with fellow liberal Democrat Jim Florio, only now they campaign for gun control and against the NRA (National Rifle Association).  At a recent gathering the two called for new constraints on the Second Amendment, with Joe Doria calling the NRA "dirty".  Not to be outdone, Florio added that the manufacturers and sellers of guns were, in his words, "Merchants of Death." 


Recently, Dan Perez -- who advised and provided legal advice to both Freeholder Graham and Gail Phoebus -- announced that he had switched back to Democrat and is running on a far-left platform with fellow liberal Democrat Jennifer Hamilton and her two running mates for the state legislature.  Perez, who was appointed by Graham to a taxpayer-paid patronage position on the SCMUA board, is running for Freeholder in Sussex County. 


Word has it that if Perez is successful, Graham and one other nominal Republican intend to flip to Democrat to swing the board left and to the Democrats.  If this happens, the property tax increases Sussex County has suffered since George Graham came to the Freeholder Board will seem like nothing compared to what awaits taxpayers under a Democrat Graham-Perez dominated board.


Why would Perez leave the GOP and Graham consider making it D-R-D-R-D? 


The gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Phil Murphy is one reason.  Murphy is a Goldman Sachs rich guy, former DNC finance chairman, and Obama ambassador who has his heart set on becoming Jon Corzine # 2.  The Sussex County Democrat Committee and its candidates will be funded like never before.  And Murphy is the favorite to win the Governor's race in November.  Which would mean access to jobs and appointments for loyal Democrats in the new administration.  If you are an opportunist who never gave a damn about the GOP platform, the time is right.


Graham's first move has been to pressure the subsidized media -- the print media that gets infusions of money from property taxpayers through mandatory government advertisements -- into serving as a message delivery system until the full weight of the Murphy money arrives.  How this works will shortly be made apparent, but one must always remember the pressure that today's print media is under to stay afloat and keep the presses running.  Graham knows this and knows that one of the first things the Freeholders do at every re-organization is to hand out the subsidy to selected print media -- not every newspaper gets it.  His control of three of the five members of the current board ensures that he will have his way.


This story is developing. . .