Tea Party leaders pushing Democrat agenda in Sussex

There is a reason why Hillary Clinton didn't address the Republican National Convention last summer.  If you want to beat somebody and their ideas you don't hold hands and sing kumbaya. 


The two nitwits who invited liberal Democrat Jennifer Hamilton to promote her candidacy with the Skylands Tea Party group don't understand that.  Hamilton, a decidedly left-of-center Democrat lawyer, is running with two other self-proclaimed "progressives" for the New Jersey Legislature against conservative Republicans Steve Oroho, Parker Space, and Hal Wirths.  She addressed the Tea Party group on Wednesday evening.


One of the nitwits who invited her, New York City lawyer Doug Amedeo, spends so much time trying to placate his far-left, Obama-loving law partner, that's he's become conditioned to kissing liberal butt.  How come ALL the campaign donations coming out of his law practice go to left wing Democrats?  Most law firms split it up a little.


Photo Credit: New Jersey HeraldThe other nitwit is Bill Hayden (now that he's trying to clean up his dirtbag image, he wants to be known as William Jefferson Hayden).  Hayden actually allowed himself to be talked into running in the GOP primary to "soften up" conservative Republican Senator Steve Oroho so that liberal Democrat Jennifer Hamilton has the best chance to win.


The person who convinced Hayden was none other than Freeholder George Graham, who has flip-flopped back and forth between Democrat and Republican no less than FIVE times.  Graham is looking to benefit from the money being thrown into Northwest New Jersey by Democrat candidate for Governor Phil Murphy.  Murphy, a rich liberal Wall Streeter (Goldman Sachs), former DNC Finance Chairman, and Obama ambassador, is the favorite to be New Jersey's next Governor.  That will mean jobs and appointments to all loyal Democrats.


Graham ally Dan Perez -- who advised and provided legal advice to both Freeholder Graham and Gail Phoebus -- announced last week that he had switched back to Democrat and is running on a far-left platform with fellow liberal Democrat Jennifer Hamilton and her two running mates for the Legislature. Perez, who was appointed by Graham to a taxpayer-paid patronage position on the SCMUA board, is running for Freeholder in Sussex County. 


Word has it that if Perez is successful, Graham and one other nominal Republican intend to flip to Democrat to swing the board left and to the Democrats.  If this happens, the property tax increases Sussex County has suffered since George Graham came to the Freeholder Board will seem like nothing compared to what awaits taxpayers under a Democrat Graham-Perez dominated board. 


And at the Tea Party meeting on Wednesday night, Gail Phoebus indicated that she too would flip to Democrat and suggested that she would challenge Republicans Parker Space and Hal Wirths in the 2019 Assembly race.  The great Sussex County migration of former Democrats back to the party they came from is on.


At Wednesday night's meeting, liberal Democrat Senate candidate Jennifer Hamilton opened up her discussion with an illusion to a book by Hillary Clinton and told her audience that they had much in common.  Then she used some Obama phraseology about "coming together."  Of course, the platform she is running on contains charming phrases like this one:


"Governor Christie sold out to right-wing special interests in order to further his own political ambitions. He has attacked women’s rights at every step, vetoing efforts to ensure equal pay and cutting funding for Planned Parenthood. Then, he became a lead surrogate for the most misogynistic campaign this country has seen."


We hope those Tea Partiers understand that THEY are those "right-wing special interests" that the Democrats are talking about.  And the campaign of their President -- Donald Trump -- is "the most misogynistic campaign this country has seen."


William Jefferson Hayden opened up the Q & A by throwing a softball question to the liberal Democrat he invited.   She claimed that she supported the Second Amendment for Sussex and Warren Counties, but not for the rest of New Jersey.  As a lawyer, she knows that is a lie, that the laws are the laws for everyone and that the State, when it attempts to maintain or restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America , does so on a statewide level because to attempt to do otherwise would violate the state constitution. 


How can Democrat Hamilton say that the Second Amendment is allowed for someone living in Sussex County, but if that person travels to Essex County it isn't covered there?  Is it because of the racial make-up of Essex County?  Does she believe that the Second Amendment only applies to specific racial or geographic subsets? 


Liberal Hamilton served up a line of crap to the Skylands Tea Party and their leaders Amedeo and Hayden were there to make sure the members lined up as they spoon-fed the muck down their throats.  By her answers it is clear that Jennifer Hamilton has no intention of protecting the Second Amendment for ANYONE living in New Jersey. 


What a damned shame!  The membership of the Tea Party are mostly good people who want to get together to fight what they see as the takeover of their country by the liberal Democrats.  The spend their valuable time and money to support an organization, only to have the leaders of the group cut a deal and turn around and give them the same steaming b.s. that the mainstream media serves up.


Amedeo and Hayden could have made a few bucks by inviting MSNBC to film Wednesday's meeting under the title, "Getting over on the Tea Party" or "Watch as the Tea Party kisses liberal azz."


They could have made even more money by having MSNBC tape their February meeting, when Skylands Vice President William Jefferson Hayden trashed Parker Space, a 13th-generation Sussex County farmer, a businessman, and the most conservative member of the New Jersey Assembly.  On vote after vote, Republican Assemblyman Parker Space has stood tall and fought for conservative values.


And yet William Jefferson Hayden, public employee union member, 20-year career Department of Transportation bureaucrat, wearing a Tea Party hat that he found in a gutter, invited Assemblyman Space and his wife to the February Skylands Tea Party meeting and then subjected them BOTH to a withering stream of insults and attacks in an attempt to humiliate them and their family.  This was a real dirtbag thing for Hayden to do and not something the membership of the Tea Party group asked for or approved of.  And when it was pointed out that Parker Space had a perfect voting record with the NRA, Hayden trashed the NRA.  Real dirtbaggery.


Hayden could not have behaved more differently on Wednesday night.  He all but planted one on the liberal Democrat's behind. 


We need a conservative Tea Party.  This sickness has got to end.